5 Ways To Cut Costs When Travelling

If you’re like me (a very average human being) you know that travelling can get pretty expensive and when you plan any trip ever this is your reaction to everything:

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While I was trying to plan a few trips I noticed that there were a few ways to cut down on unnecessary costs so I decided to share them with you guys!

Do Your Research- you can find almost anything online these days so before you book anything like hotels or rentals do a lot of research and you will probably some cheaper ones. Usually places that are just starting out are a lot more affordable than places that have been around for a while. Also research if any of the places your going to be going to have any hidden costs. Pretty much just research as much as you can until you find the most affordable place!

Don’t Fly- In some cases you may have no choice but to fly to your destination but if you can take a train/bus/drive there that would probably be more affordable for you especially if you destination/destinations are close by.

Ask Around Way Ahead- If you know anyone who lives in the place your planning to visit or has been there before it’s probably a good idea to talk to them and get to know where the more affordable hotels, Inns and restaurants are and they probably went through something similar so ask them about their experience and how they were able to cut costs.

Package Deals- From my experience package deals and all inclusive deals are a lot more affordable rather than if you pay for everything yourself and separately so try to find some package deals!

Small Loans- If you still can’t afford the trip but really want to go I would recommend maybe getting a small loan (only if you can pay it back!!). Although I would say keep this as your last option and make sure you get the loan from a trustable source.

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