5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Quit Blogging

Some times you want to give up on blogging especially when you’re not doing as well as you expected when you first started out but instead of quitting try these five things instead:

1. It takes a while- if you’re a newbie and are thinking about quitting because you’re not getting the traffic/following you expected then I would suggest you wait a while before calling it quits. When it comes to blogging it’s something you need to build and unless you’re really lucky it’s unlikely your blog will take off overnight. Take some time and try some stuff to increase your following/traffic first.

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2. Make changes instead of quitting- instead of giving up completely why not try making changes to your blog to increase your views/follows/comments. Here is a list of things you can do to increase these. You can also get more activity by working with other bloggers- this blog offers collaborations- email for more information.

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3. It’s perfect for making new friends- even though you aren’t getting the views/follows you expected take advantage of the interaction that occurs on WordPress. Not only will this help increase activity on your blog it will help you meet lots of new people too!

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4. Pay attention to trends on your blog- don’t ignore your stats because they are very important if you want to grow your blog. Notice when you have the most activity and what the peak times are for publishing posts and take advantage of this. Instead of quitting take a look at what works for your blog and stick with it!

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5. Stop trying to be perfect- no one is perfect and no ones blog is perfect. That’s why no one wants to read an over edited post about something mellow. Instead be yourself and write from your heart. And don’t be afraid to switch things up- try writing about new topics, share your hobbies and interests, try some awards/tags/challenges. This will help keep your readers engaged. So again instead of quitting completely just try something new and fun instead!

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