5 Of The Best WP Plugins

The best wordpress plugins. There’s so many good ones, but which ones are the best. The 5 that I’m about to list not only improve your site in General, but they also help you raise your sites Views, daily, and long-term.

1. YoastSEO

Yoast is The Essential SEO plugin. And When I say that this is one of the best wordpress plugins, it’s not just me. Every single Article on the best wordpress plugins include this Plugin because it really is the best.

This is the plugin that’s gonna help you rand on the front pages, and make that $2 million a month blogging you want so badly.

How Easy Is It?

Well You just scroll down to the bottom of the post draft, and it gives you a Score (Red, Orange, Green) for SEO, and a score for how readable the post is. Plus it gives you a bunch of SEO tips that will help your site rank on Google’s Front Page. To set the whole thing up you’ll probably need about 1-3 hhours, depending on how tech savvy you are.

Is It Essential?

So Essential that even WordPress themselves ask that you use it. If your a nw blogger it’s your best friend, because it’ll help you A) Improve SEO, and B) Rank.

Is It Useful?

The most valuable traffic is traffic you get from Keywords, and this plugin helps you get keywords. It’s a great plugin to gain traffic. It’s very useful. About a 7/10

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