Reasons To Start A Blog During Lockdown

By Sartaj Govind Singh
Do you feel like the days are starting to blur together? Perhaps an acute sense of fatigue is starting to creep in? Lockdown does not have to be this way. While this new sense of normal can seemingly shackle us- just by tempting us to leave things to tomorrow or our usual pastimes losing their novelty. You can rise up and keep going. This can take many forms from indulging in a favourite piece of media (book, TV show, film etc) to getting into something new. One excellent new hobby that you could take up is blogging and below are three reasons why you should.
3) Improving Your Writing

Love it or hate it, a lot of jobs rely on our ability to communicate through the written word. From short emails to presentations, we’re writing far more to another then we used to. With this in mind, blogging is a simple way to improve your writing ability While it certainly differs from writing in a business context, think of blog writing as a potential new string to add to your bow. The benefits of this are immeasurable. You could improve how you communicate with people, articulate ideas with more clarity or find that blogging is a new home for expressing yourself. There are plenty of transferable skills that come from blog writing that you could add to your resume.
2) A Crash Course in Social Media  

Once you’ve finished a post, you can’t just instantly hit send. You have to think of the best time to publish it and when you should advertise it on various social media channels. Blogging needs social media like a plant requires sunlight. It’s vital and requires just as much attention as your posts. Think of starting a blog as much a crash course in using social media as much as a new hobby to invest in. From personal experience: the stuff I’ve learnt from social media advertising has been invaluable. It’s allowed me to become a social media consultant to help with my company’s channels. And it opened up a new way of thinking about my writing insofar as how and who to market it to.
1) A Sense of Accomplishment

The best reason to start a blog during lockdown is that you will eventually feel a great sense of accomplishment from it. You will have a virtual diary that speaks to who you are as a person. You will have created a digital footprint that hopefully others will be inspired by and look to during hard times. In the process, you will gain a new-found confidence and a new habit that will become so deeply ingrained, so it becomes second nature. Blogging has afforded me other writing projects, a brief dip into podcasting waters and an extension to my day job.
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