This Is Perfection

She looked into their breathtaking garden

Husband and children playing happily

Fortune, fame, family, fashion

She had everything

She was



She cried

Every single night

She resented his touch

She never really wanted kids

She sold her soul- for perfection.

I was inspired to write this a few nights back when I couldn’t sleep and this kind of just came to me. I think it stemmed from these YouTube videos I had been watching about the lives of influencers/famous people and how they were rich and famous but their lives were just very sad. I kind of just wanted to bring out the contrast between what you see and what is really going on behind the scenes. Usually people only out the good stuff out there- they never talk about the bad stuff but that doesn’t mean that it’s not there. No one can achieve perfection and everyone has their flaws and problems and that’s okay.

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118 thoughts on “This Is Perfection

  1. Ever since mankind deviated from God’s plan in Eden, there’s been a spell, a curse of imperfection on this planet. It is a reality many want to deny yet the rivers and oceans will die and we all can’t eat blueberries to jump with joy and live forever in this world.

    When something looks perfect, the cracks will soon show.

    Even after the Spirit in the Sky came here dressed as a human and bought back his real estate from death, he and his tremendous effort got ridiculed. As mankind is self-destructive and in denial.

    So, as long as we are that arrogant, things can only ever appear perfect but we never will be. Until we accept the graceful deemed perfection, that is.

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  2. Beautiful and profound. Sometimes we let society tell us what is good for us and then we fall into a bottomless pit of sadness and no one really understand how you can be sad with all that you have.

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  3. I think this poetry has such a great message about how sometimes you don’t know what people are really going through! I actually saw a quote, i don’t remember it will but it was saying something similar to ‘sometimes the happiest people are actually the saddest people’ i think that really relates to you poetry! Great post!

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  4. This is beautiful. And unfortunately tells such a true story. This society that we live in tells us what sort of life we shluld have, people don’t always feel free to live how they like, instead they feel pressured to conform to ‘the norm’.

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    1. Thank you! Yes I agree. Not everyone feels comfortable living within the norms but societal pressures can stop a lot of people from exploring outside the norm.


    1. “I know my life is better when I work from the assumption that everyone is doing the best they can.” – Brené Brown.

      We will all struggle sometimes. Work on our understanding of others so we csnlift each other up. Thank you for sharing this moving piece.

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        1. Yeah I can understand why that happens. I think for a lot of people money would solve a lot of problems they currently have but I think they don’t realise that money comes with it’s own problems that you then have.

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          1. It’s more isolating.
            I think I’d both not have problems and have a lot. I’m super introverted to where I’m near a hermit.. that wouldn’t impact me but I’m also near the point of being a hermit and any time out in public is often “Cameron is an a-hole..” since I’m not interactive.

            One that.. Dave Chappelle lives nearby and he goes around and no one cares at all. He’s out a few days ago with david letterman and no one cared one bit.

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            1. I’m very introverted too so I would not mind the isolation but I think what would make me a bit crazy would be the paranoia like do people really like me or is it for the money.

              Ooh that’s cool I guess everyone is just used to Dave Chappelle being around.

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              1. John Legend is about 10 minutes down the road from Chapelle..
                Which is kinda my point because that’s actually a top notch community family who has that weird Epstein conspiracy theory going around about his wife.. lol

                That’s the crap that freaks me out about “fame”..

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                  1. You gonna be the next Ellen? Haha

                    I think being rich I’d fly under the radar because I’m both frugal and not showy.
                    I also learned to never discuss money with coworkers and friends because they HATE you if you have money.. (in most cases)

                    Fame is a ????
                    Need a thick skin for that.

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                    1. Lol the next Ellen is what I’m aiming for 😂

                      Yeah I would probably be one of those secluded rich people. I would live on my private island with my cats. Fame is definitely a double edged sword.

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                    2. Yeah I don’t know why or how everyone suddenly just attacked her all of a sudden- I feel like it’s more than the Bush thing- but that’s the problem with cancel culture.

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                    3. Twitter represents about 15% of the population but are the loudest voices.

                      Nothing good comes from it. lol

                      I don’t fully get the Ellen issue, some of it is just what you’d expect from Hollywood. And I’m sure Ellen is kind of both the usual messed up comedian with an inflated ego OR just frankly sick of the show not caring. I don’t know. All I DO know is.. if there really was a major problem and no one spoke out until it was cool to do so .. blame goes both ways.

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                    4. Yeah I feel like that about a lot of the stuff coming out these days. Like some people are just talking about it because the topics are trending not because they actually care.

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                    5. Fear of being blacklisted is probably a part. But still…
                      I would assume generally that Ellen is actually mean in real life because most celebrities are. Especially comedians. That part doesn’t bother me.
                      I doubt she actually runs her show and production company so I don’t hold that against her either.
                      Semi related: I kinda feel bad for Johnny Depp because those court documents came out and his side of the story makes complete sense.

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                    6. Yeah I feel like most famous people are kind of mean/rude/self-absorbed to an extent. It’s impossible not to be when you have thousands of fans worship you every day.

                      Really? I’m not totally caught up with the whole Johnny Depp situation. I’ll go read up on it.

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                    7. Easy answer..
                      Depp married Heard (or whatever) out of nowhere and supposedly they both had a drug problem (shocker, may explain the sudden marriage).. then Depp went into rehab as she didn’t.. then Depp found out he didn’t make any money from the Pirates movies because his handlers stole all of it where Heard became enraged and violent.

                      Which makes sense because why would someone marry someone suddenly who had no money even if it’s Johnny Depp?

                      Say what you want about Depp, if he was like $460,000,000 in debt I doubt anyone would jump to marry him.
                      It makes sense to me more so than the other version.

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                    8. Some would..
                      but … I could understand a person getting violent and trying to publicly humiliate a person to ruin their lives for personal gain if they believed a person was worth half a billion who actually wasn’t.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    9. I also noticed public opinion changed once Depp let himself go and actually looked 57.. haha. He’s 57 or whatever.. we know who he is.

                      The new thing is Ellen is contacting other persons employers to complain about guests nail polish being chipped or something. I’d need to see the context of all of that crap especially since she’s a comedian.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    10. Yeah looks are so important- unfortunately.

                      Yeah I would need to know the context. Also there is little actual evidence if you know what I mean. Like a lot of it is just what people have to say.

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                    11. There’s no laws written saying bring a snob is illegal.

                      With Ellen that’s all I’m seeing is she’s a bit snooty. Alright..
                      I could handle fame if it was on my terms I suppose.. if I was famous for something I just kinda did anyways where it wasn’t some chore which may result in me just not wanting to be famous. .. ha

                      Liked by 1 person

                    12. Yeah but like most famous people are snooty- or at least I think that they are. Like we all think certain people are nice and certain people are mean based on what we know about them but what you see in the media is just a tiny fraction of who they really are.

                      Lol being famous as long as you don’t need to change anything- that actually sounds really good!

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                    13. I don’t like attention, but I like conversation. Typically one on one and definitely not public speaking.

                      Seems like celebrities talk about the same thing and it’s all screened so it’s unnatural to a degree. I’d also say Ellen running a talk show the larger celebrities would get priority which seems like what most of the complaints are about.
                      Internal harassment probably happens in every work place and McDonald’s has been on the news for the same thing.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    14. Yeah I like conversation too and definitely no to public speaking.

                      Yeah I mean I would expect that different celebs get treated differently on her show depending on who they are. I don’t know I just don’t see what the big deal is or why people are so surprised. Internal harassment happens everywhere. Like companies are on the news all the time because of it.

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