Stalker (Collaboration)

This post was done in collaboration with Jude from wordeologist. He enjoyed my six word stories and I really enjoyed his poetry especially the horror themed ones so we decided to put the two together! The italicized part is written by me and the rest is written by him. I hope you enjoy the post! Also be sure to check out his blog which has some amazing poetry on it by clicking here! He is an amazing writer and incredible person and his blog is definitely worth following!


Walking home alone, unknowingly being stalked.


Beth clings to the lingering scent of James perfume

Lost in blissful reminisces of the magical hour spent in his arms

Savoring the fading taste of him on her lips

That reckless euphoria blinds her to an insipid shadow that creeps along in her wake

But her gut instincts cannot ignore the insidious chill that tugs at her skin, ripping her from her walking fantasy

Slowly she becomes more aware

Something is different

She is no longer walking alone 

She can feel something creeping behind her

Something silent but dangerous

She begins walking faster constantly looking over her shoulder


In her haste, she misses a step, trips and tumbles onto the asphalt

Quick as a flash something scurries from the shadows and pins her, facedown to the ground

Foul drool slurps allover her neck and squelches into her hair

But its grip loosens and she wriggles free, adrenaline springing her to her feet and to freedom

But the predator lives for the chase and she’s unwittingly herded into its lair


There is nowhere left to run.


Still omniscient night

Giving joy, hiding terror

Beware the shadows.


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