Looking For Sponsors To Sponsor Your Posts?

I get a lot of emails/comments/DM’s asking me how one can make money off their blogs. Well a really great way to do that is to write posts that are sponsored. However, the difficult part is finding sponsors especially if you have a small or medium sized blog.

Recently I discovered this site called Intellifluence and joined it. I was not sure whether it was actually legit so I did not want to share it with you guys just yet. However, after some research I saw that it was indeed legit and it was perfect for small or medium sized blogs/social media pages! The problem I had with other similar sites was that they had a lot of other larger influencers so if you have a medium to small platform it was unlikely that you would get any opportunities. However, since Intellifluence is specifically for smaller influencers it’s perfect if your blog/social media isn’t big yet but you’re looking to write sponsored posts.

If you are interested in joining Intellifluence and getting hired you can sign up by clicking here– it’s totally free so you won’t be charged for anything and you don’t need to add any credit/debit card information either.

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  1. Michelle

    I have been wanting to give sponsor posts a try. I have contacted a couple with no success. I might have to try this. Thank you. I have you found getting sponsor on their easy?


    • PoojaG

      Yeah lol I get that. I would suggest joining before Christmas though because there are usually a lot of people looking for sponsored posts before Christmas. And try out sites like intellifluence instead of the big popular ones because from my experience they’re great for huge influencers but not so much for medium sized ones.


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