How To Make The Most Out Of Your Tags Feature

If you read yesterdays post you probably figured out that tags are really important for your blog posts and like I promised here are some things you can do to use tags to optimize views and follows on your blog:

1. Timing- Timings are really important when it comes to blogging topics and tags. If you find out that something is trending or being searched a lot that day that relates to what you write about I would suggest adding that to your tags and you will definitely notice a spike in views.

2. Amount- I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t know how many tags to use and often use too many or too little which effects their stats badly. In my opinion the perfect amount to use is between 5 and 10 because if you use less than five you will lose a lot of views you could have got and if you use more than ten WordPress will categorise your post as spam and it won’t show up on the tags section of the reader.

3. Be less specific- I’ve heard a lot of people encourage using specific tags but to be honest I have found using less specific ones actually helps more. This is probably because a less specific tag like “food” is much more likely to have a larger following then something more specific like “salad.” However, if you prefer you can also add a couple of specific tags with your non-specific ones.

4. Be honest- Don’t lie in your tags section. Even though it’s difficult to get views sometimes and using false tags may get you more views it will actually be a bad thing for your blog in the long run. People will figure out your posts are just clickbait and you will end up decreasing your following instead of increasing it. Plus, since most people will figure out you’re lying they will most likely not revisit your blog.

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    • PoojaG

      Thanks and sure! Tags are something on your post that will helps the audience understand what the topic of the post it for example if it’s a poem the tags would be something like “poem”, “poetry”, “poems”.


  1. S&V

    Hey Pooja, I didn’t know where exactly to put this comment but I would like to say a huge thank you. You’ve supported and liked me and my sister’s blog, since we started and you continue to show love. Your content is amazing and I didn’t know you’re like a celebrity in these blogging streets 😂😂 keep doing what you do. I love it ❤️ and thank you again 🙏🏾🙏🏾 from V

    Liked by 1 person

    • PoojaG

      I think the tags section on the Reader is like a search engine and I would suggest searching for tags that are similar to what you write about like maybe “travel”.


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