How To Make Money Blogging

Not all bloggers get into blogging to make money but many do and want to turn blogging into their profession. Although it also depends on your traffic, following and other factors here are some ways to make money blogging:

Affiliate Links- You can join your favourite companies affiliate programs and when writing about them add affiliate links to your post. This way you can earn a commission without any extra charges to your followers if they choose to buy the product/s from the company.

Sponsored Posts- A lot of bloggers find writing sponsored posts to be a great way of making some income through your blog. Usually sponsors reach out or you can email people you think will be interested in sponsoring you.

Ads- A lot of bloggers make money off ads. WordPress offers income through ads in some of their plans. A lot of bloggers also use AdSense as well as third party plugins. However, these may slow down your blog especially if you have too many ads and pop-ups.

Links- Some bloggers are paid to add links to other bloggers website so that their audience is referred to their blog. It’s a really great way to advertise your blog when starting out and it’s also an easy and great way to make some income.

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  1. The Newbury Girl

    When I first started blogging, I was so hesitant to try making any money using my blog but as I’ve stayed consistent with it, I’m definitely considering trying to monetize my site via ad placements and sponsored posts – just need to find the right Influencer network to join.

  2. Bruce S

    Thank you, I have followed you for the shirt time, I have been blogging. Your site is loaded with interesting posts. Is this a full time job for you. How would I go about sponsoring a post for you. I take it that means, having a post I write, published on your site.?

  3. cyrsti

    Thanks for the info. For years I used Adsense on my blog (On Blogger) and made a little bit of income.
    All of the sudden something happened and I lost all my income.
    Of course Google is extremely hard to contact and I am thinking of moving all my blog to WordPress.

  4. TouristToTravellers

    Great post. I haven’t started monetizing the blog as yet as I like sharing my experiences with people to help them travel better..but these points are good to know if I do plan on putting up ads.

  5. Megan Horton

    Thank you for these tips. I am a blogger at always looking for ways to improve my blog. Someday I hope to be able to make money off my blog.

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