4 Things To Never Comment On A Blog Post

The comments section is a really awesome and fun place however there are some unwritten rules that you might want to follow to get the best experience out of it:

1. Don’t Spam Others- The more you blog and the more your blog grows the more spammers you’ll get. Firstly there are the obvious spammers that have no purpose but to spam you. Then there are people who are trying to network in your comments section. They usually leave a vague comment like “great post check out my blog” or “Enjoyed this post check out my latest blog”. Then there are those who just straight up leave a link to their blog, they don’t even bother leaving a comment or pretending like they enjoyed your post. Don’t be any of these guys because I can guarantee you’ll lose more followers than actually gain through this. I usually go out of my way to avoid their blog and I know most bloggers hate these sort of comments and delete/block them.

2. Don’t Criticize Them- If you don’t have something nice to say than don’t say anything. If you have actual criticism that will help improve the blog or person behind the blog than feel free to comment but if you’re going to say something rude and obviously hurtful then keep it to yourself. Don’t like the post and just move on you don’t have to be mean for no reason to someone just trying to write.


3. Stop Trolling- Trolling is sad and pathetic and if you’re on someones blog just to be hurtful than you should really rethink your life.

4. Don’t Hit On People- I can’t believe I have to specify this but WordPress isn’t Tinder. People aren’t on here to meet someone they’re here to blog so don’t be a creep who hits on people in their comments section.

20190815_18420520190815_184243PS. I’ve also had some bloggers- this one included- be really creepy on social media let me know in the comments if you want to see screenshots because some of them are just hilarious…

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140 thoughts on “4 Things To Never Comment On A Blog Post

    1. Lolll I kind of want to because some of them are soooo funny I sent them to some friends and they were like you have to share this on your blog!

      Oh no not you too! Now I’m going to have to block you lol!

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  1. This is a post I want to say thanks for speaking about it. While I have never had a problem with the 4th issue of people creeping because, well, I am an old guy. Even with that issue, I think it is important for women. The spammer issue is a big one for me. People who comment to only promote their blog. I will share your post.

    I felt inspired and tried to share with my followers about not looking at stats but to keep going. That is why I have share your posts about blogging. I want to help the bloggers who follow me. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing my post about blogging I really appreciate it! I write them so they can help others bloggers too so I really appreciate any shares I get on them.

      Yeah spammers are a big problem for me. Recently I have been editing their comment and removing the link so that they can’t network on my comments section. The creepy comments luckily for me doesn’t happen a lot but it does happen occasionally and it’s just so awkward and weird when it happens.

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  2. Well I would agree with all that and I would add a few lik:
    Don’t be racist
    Don’t be sexist
    And don’t try converting people to your religious views (unless it is part of a debate instigated by the host)

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  3. I find it hilarious how people think that hitting on you is appropriate in any setting, I’m in a committed relationship and all my social media and online profiles states it… somehow I’m still getting declarations of love and marrige proposals.

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  4. Thank you for this post. For a while I want to write something about commenting but did not know how to do it. But, you did a great job and i will save this post for future reference. Keep up the good work.

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  5. I like the #4. It’s creepy when someone does that. I got several friends’ requests from men on Facebook who I don’t know. Maybe because of my photo which was taken twenty years ago. I delete the requests immediately and now seldom post anything on FB.

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  6. I experienced #4 the hard way.

    This particular blogger would privately email me and tell me I was beautiful and how he wanted to be with me. This went on for a while because I liked the things he said, so I willingly engaged. I thought he really meant it. But from what I have heard he has engaged with others the same way.

    And publicly he tells his other followers that he is professional and doesn’t engage with his readers that way. If they only knew the truth.

    Lesson learned.

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  7. Great post check out my blo… just kidding! Haha I love the banter at the beginning of the comment section. Sorry to read about the negativity you’ve experienced. Perhaps I’m still new to WordPress, or maybe I’m not the target demographic of the people you’ve described, but I’ve generally experienced positivity in WordPress (not criticizing by the way, lol). Sincerely, great post! 😄

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  8. Sad. I had one person whose posts were off the wall weird on his own site, to say the least, start liking my posts. I contacted Word Press asking them if I could block him from seeing my posts. They said no only if I made my blog private. Word Press needs to have a block feature so we do not have to deal with people off the deep end.

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  9. So revealed to know that I don’t do any of this! I’m busy trying to put in some time to read blogs that I follow and to comment, just like you suggested in a previous post! Thank you for the tips 🙂

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  10. I can’t agree enough!!! Especially with the number one. It is just poor taste and lack of common sense to go to people’s blogs and leave your link. At least make the effort to read what I wrote. If you couldn’t care less about my blog why do you think I will care about yours? Getting ranty but it really annoys me 😅

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    1. Lol I totally get it I get so annoyed as well when people just leave a link or comment go check out my latest post. It’s a really pathetic method to try to get traffic/followers and honestly it’ll just make me go out of my way to avoid you.


  11. Number 1 immediately reminds me of top fans on Facebook. They often leave “great post, thanks for sharing” comments that nearly make me nauseous. When commenters take the time to leave a well thought out reply, you can really feel the difference and appreciate it.

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  12. Your blog is really helpful to newbies. This one is really like startup tips to me. Thankyou for writing this one ❤️ plus i appreciate your simple choice of words as I’m no good in vocabulary and some bloggers literally use so hard word.

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  13. bwwaaahhhaaa I had to follow to post a comment. But, you are correct. People hit ‘like’ and then don’t follow or comment, which is frustrating for people who blog for a living but have like, 3 followers LOL. I haven’t been hit on in WP, but on FB and Twitter. Mostly FB… oy. I have specific hmm… lemme check profile, see if a zillion of my followers follow them, and then I may… follow. But if they chat and start up with the can you send me a picture… I am so gone!


    1. Yeah FB creeps are very annoying and I always have to check and make sure I know the person before following them back.

      Yeah the likes help but aren’t that important followers are definitely more important.


  14. I agree with you that you should never be mean, or criticise for the sake of being critical. However if one disagrees with a point being made then it is, in my view fine to politely state why one disagrees. Healthy (and courteous debate) enhances understanding and is, at its best helpful in maintaining free speech. Best wishes, Kevin

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    1. I’m glad to hear that you found it helpful! Yeah it’s extremely creepy especially because they went on to stalk me on social media and wouldn’t leave me alone till I had to block them.

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