Six Word Story

Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month I thought I would spend this week sharing different types of posts that are about mental health awareness. This six word story is how I feel about my anxiety. For more posts on mental health click here.

Always taunting me from a distance.


For more posts on mental health click here.

For more six word stories click here.

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Add Yours

    Very interesting image. I think I mentioned this elsewhere – maybe here – but I’ve come to believe that a lot of stuff we perceive – emotional and otherwise – actually originates from beyond ourselves. I guess this is what you mean or imply by “a distance?”

    When I go to a quiet, mid-week Mass it’s like a larger lens comes over me and I can really see all the sh** that has been vexing me, bringing me down, etc. That’s just my path for now, but I thought I’d share.

    Thanks for bringing it up. I’ve been trying to raise awareness (as I see it) and increase alternative discourses on mental health for a long time! 🙂

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