How To Get 1000 Followers

I was so excited to realize that I had recently reached 6000 WordPress followers which meant I had gained a little over 1000 followers in 2 months. This is the most followers I have gained in two months and I thought I would share some ways in which you can get more followers on your blog too- if you’re interested in gaining followers- if not don’t worry there are lots more posts on this blog with different topics you can check out. Hope these tips help!

Be very active– Blogging is a two way street. You can not expect people to like, follow or share you’re posts if you never do the same. I mean you don’t have to like every post every follower of yours puts out but at least make an effort to reply to comments and read and like some of the posts on your reader from the blogs you follow.

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Be genuine– Your followers will be able to tell if you’re genuinely interested in something or are faking it for views and they will always enjoy the posts you are genuine in much more. Try to be genuine and write about things you are truly passionate about.

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Edit well– Grammar mistakes and typos are a normal part of writing and it happens to everyone but when your posts have multiple grammar mistakes and a lot of typos it gets hard for the reader to read and breaks your flow. It also makes your blog look less professional and people are less likely to follow it. To get more followers try to take some time to edit your posts so that the reader gets the best experience possible and is way more likely to follow.

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Use the right tags– Don’t overdo it with the tags but don’t stop using tags completely either. I would say about 5-10 is the right amount of tags to get more traffic to your blog which means more followers. Another thing is don’t lie in your tags- like for example don’t tag it ‘food’ if the post has nothing to do with food. It’s very annoying when people do that and it only makes people dislike you for lying.

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Be organised– In my opinion, this is probably the most important one. Try to be organised and punctual with your posting. If you post randomly whenever you feel like you won’t get the optimum views and follows plus your followers will be confused and won’t know when to check your blog for new posts. After posting more regularly on a daily basis I have seen a huge difference in both my followers and views.

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182 thoughts on “How To Get 1000 Followers

  1. Thanks for post about this subject. I already want this tips and you give us. These tips are very important for me. I am using wordpress from nov. 2018. But i have only 12 followers with you. I don’t know more english language. I am indian so i am only speak hindi. I am from a middle class family so i have not smartphone or computer. I have jio phone. Pleas give me more suggestion for how to generate more followers.

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    1. Dont do it for the followers and write from your heart! Write what excites you what makes you happy what is really You! That is probably the only way to keep you going without giving up because we never know when the universe will shower us with people with our same interest:) Good luck and good effort!

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  2. Useful to know, I’ve been adding lots of tags but didn’t realise that 5-10 is best so I will try that. I’ve also been trying to engage with more blogs. Does WordPress have an algorithm like say Instagram? I genuinely engage on Instagram and enjoy it which has seen my followers grow so I wondered if the same can be said for on here?

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    1. I think it can be a little more difficult to find certain blogs here without tags as opposed to Instagram. Part of what makes it easy to find things on IG is being able to follow your contacts and friends from Facebook.

      Engagement is vital, keep it up!

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    2. Thanks! I usually don’t use more then 10 because if you use too many tags WordPress tends to remove your post from their tags section. I think what you’re looking for will be in the tags section of your reader. You can find similar posts by typing the words you’re looking for like ‘food’ etc.

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  3. I’m not necessarily looking for more followers, even tho it’s nice to have ppl read what you write…..but the numbers aren’t important to me. In not interested in being followed simply because a person wants more followers for themselves. I’m struggling with organizing my page/site (& wp lingo). I have used sticky notes, thinking those posts will be “here” together, not scattered all over my page. Well, it didn’t work that way lol They are together if you click menu. But still scattered on the page itself. I want to be able to take a piece & put it where I want it. I’m using the free version, so maybe I shouldn’t complain lol

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  4. I’m not convinced obtaining huge amounts of followers on WordPress is necessarily an advantage to your blog. I’ve been on WordPress since 2012 starting with a creative writing blog, and have had a few other blogs since… most I gave up on, not because they weren’t popular, I just felt I was trying to do too much, so moved on from those blogs. But what I’ve learned by creating different kinds of blogs in that time has been greatly valuable. If most of your followers are email follows… you’re doing extremely well. But if most are WordPress followers… that could be a huge illusion. I have a lot of WordPress followers on my creative writing blog, but the only people I see on regular basis are the ones I keep up with myself, the rest of the followers never return. Unfortunately, it’s likes for likes, follows for follows… which is really dire! All the likes and temporary visits might be good for blog traffic, which Google will at least acknowledge and rate you higher in their lists, but it’s not exactly what most bloggers want. What bloggers really want, are readers who genuinely enjoy reading the contents of the posts, and will return without prompted by like and follows back, but just because they love your blog

    Everyone experiences over time huge WordPress follows, but it doesn’t say you have genuine readers. It’s also the same on other blog platforms too. The only place that seems different is Tumblr… if you post your own photography or poetry, and it’s of a good quality, all you need is a few friends who regularly reblog your posts and have a lot followers who like their reblogs… you can very easily get hundreds or thousands of likes and reblogs without working incredibly hard to find interest in your posts. But it doesn’t appear to work like that on WordPress.

    What I’ve found to be most effective on WordPress, is good strong images, eye catching titles and some subjects in certain posts that you know over time people will go searching for through search engines. You will definitely move up high on the list with Google if you do that. You will also know you are doing well with the public views if your post share list shows a huge amount of shares to social media that you haven’t created yourself by posting to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram… if you achieve that, you know you’re succeeding in finding genuine readers who enjoy your blog posts and are sharing what they’ve found without trying to get a response back from you for sharing your post on their social media pages. That’s what we all want… it’s what we all need.

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  5. I was really blessed to have been born with good spelling and grammar ’cause I’m so lazy when it comes to editing.
    If I wasn’t decent and typing too, my blog would be a huge mess.
    Thanks for these tips, Pooja!
    I need to get my 1,000 but I am seriously so lazy. Slow n steady is more my style sometimes lol

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    1. You’re welcome! Your blog is great but I noticed you don’t have tags or categories. Maybe I missed them but if you don’t have those you should probably add them.


  6. Hello!! PoojaG!!
    A big congratulations to you for having 5000 followers. You are doing a tremendous job, out here and thank you for this post of yours. I m totally new to the blogging world, just that I love writing and sharing my views so I’m here.Certainly I’m gonna work on my birthday page, by your tips mentioned in this, surely it gonna help me!
    Good luck 👍🏼


  7. Thanks for your tips. Although I think sometimes, that I’m just writing for myself so who needs followers, and then I think geeze I’d really like it for someone else to engage in my post and give feedback on something I took the time to write about. I have made over 100 blogs over 6 years and only have 15 followers. I think I’d like to gain followers now lol. Cheers

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    1. Lol I think we all feel that way at times. Like it’s nice to have followers and engagement but at the same time your main goal should be to write without caring too much about your following.

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  8. Another great post. Since my blog focuses on photography, cooking and laughter, I need to find a way to keep a well-balanced flow so as to not alienate any of my followers. I’d like to have different pages with dedicated topics, but since I’m building my “fan base” I’ll keep with one.

    I’m between jobs right now, so I have to stick with a free site, but I’ve got my eye on the premium package so make things easier. I see that you mentioned “daily” posts. I’m sure I could crank them out with that frequency, but I personally want to reserve the good stuff for when I have amassed a decent following. I’d hate to post something phenomenal now when there’s a potential to be at 3 or 4 thousand by this time next year. On the flipside, I’m not going to post cheap articles either. I want my audience to respect me and desire to read more. I’ll try to maintain 1-2/week, for now.

    My FB group is loyal because they’re mostly family, friends and co-workers. I need to be ready to bring in the rest of the world, which is why I switched to WordPress.

    Thank you again! Enjoying your work!

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  9. Definitely try to be consistent with my posts. I tend to like the same people’s blog posts over and over because I am familiar with them. I will work hard to read more blogs that I follow. I know I months late, but wow, those are killer stats!

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  10. Reblogged this on ENTowner Build a Legacy, Inc. and commented:
    Seasons Greetings!

    I finally found some downtime, well, kinda sorta. I’m working fulltime (gotta pay the bills), podcasting (really enjoy doing this and hope it continues to grow), blogging (when I can and love sharing information), and now helping my daughter with her music career! When I look over what I’ve just typed, I guess you could say “how in the world is she doing all this successfully?!” It’s not easy and full of challenges, but when you love being a creative, you will find a way, right?!

    So, I was reading through some of the blogs I follow and found PoojaG’s blog on “How I Got 1000 Followers In Two Months (And How You Can Too)”, and thought I’d share because I too am trying to make it to 1k or more followers!

    Well, I hope you find this post informative and entertaining as I have. Enjoy!

    Wishing you peace, love, health and prosperity,

    Financial Literacy Advocate

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  11. Thank you for this post! As someone who is trying to increase their follower count whilst also maintaining my authenticity this was really helpful ❤ all the best x

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