My Goals For 2019

I know this post is a little late but these are the goals I’m hoping I’ll achieve this year!

Be prepared- I want to try and be prepared more for my classes and juts life in general. Stop doing things last minute and plan things out instead.

Image result for dropping stuff gif

Be more open- Just in general be more open about my thoughts and feelings.

Image result for afraid gif

Read more- I wasn’t able to read a lot last year and I want to read more this year plus do more book reviews for you guys too!

Image result for reading gif

Travel more- See more new places!

Image result for travel gif

Don’t be afraid to take chances- Do more things that I’m afraid to do.

Image result for i'm not afraid gif

Do more writing- Work on my writing much more then last year.

Image result for writing gif

Build a snowman- This year I’m going to finally do it!

Image result for build a snowman gif

Reach 10K WordPress Followers- This one is pretty ambitious but I really want to try!!

Image result for excited gif

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