How To Get More Followers On Your Blog

When I started out I had no idea how to get more traffic or followers and it was kind of a tough learning process. I actually almost gave up on my blog and if it hadn’t been for those two followers I had I may have actually given up on blogging altogether which is a scary thought! But thankfully I kept blogging and I eventually started gaining followers and got more traffic. Here are some of the ways I did that:

Reach Out- If you want other bloggers to view your posts and leave you likes, comments and follows you should be doing the same! Especially if you’re just starting out it’s a good idea to check out other peoples blogs- not only will you learn new things from them you’ll also start getting your own name out there. It helps to leave comments because then they’ll notice you and most likely check out your blog as well. However, make sure you don’t just like posts for the sake of it and you don’t just follow random people for follow backs because it’s important to be authentic and get real followers who will engage.

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Be Regular- It’s so important to post regularly because your traffic and number of followers will drop as soon as you stop posting regularly. And if you post regularly you’ll notice a rise in likes and followers. I learnt that the hard way because I spent a long time posting randomly and not getting a lot of follows/likes but as soon as I started posting regularly I was like “OMG”.

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Tags Are Important- Make sure to Google before you post to see what the most viewed tags on WordPress and most Goggled words are so you can add some of the relevant ones to the tags on your post. But don’t add random irrelevant tags because honestly that’s just annoying.

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What’s your niche?- Make sure to like and follow bloggers who write about the same or similar topic/topics because they are way more likely to follow you back. Also search some relevant tags on your reader to find similar blogs!

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Keep It Real- Keep your writing honest because people can tell when you’re being fake or lying and no one really wants to read a blog like that. People will appreciate your writing more if it’s honest and you’re not afraid to express your opinions and they’ll be more likely to give you a follow!

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Have Fun With It!- Honestly, don’t stress out too much about followers and likes because at the end of the day you should enjoy what you do and if you write just for the likes/follows it will kind of suck the fun out of blogging.

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212 thoughts on “How To Get More Followers On Your Blog

    1. Oh my gosh , thank you so much for this. I just switched my blog over to wordpress from Kinja and I was honestly getting ready to throw in the towel. It feels like if you don’t pay for a blog, you’ll never make it. I (think) I have some decent content. How often do you recommend posting so it isn’t annoying to your subscribers? Like, three times a week?

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      1. You’re welcome I’m so glad it helped!
        I don’t pay for my blog but I still get a few sponsors and stuff so you just have to stick with it and wait for your followers and traffic to increase.
        The important thing is to use really popular tags to increase traffic. I post 5 times a week and I think the more you post the more traffic/followers you’ll get. I would recommend not posting more than once a day because otherwise it’ll just spam your followers.

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  1. I like this 🙂 especially the part about leaving real comments on blogs you are interested in…

    I hate comments that say “hey follow my blog” with no actual feedback on my post or minimal feedback. I always answer comments like that and ask people what they are playing at!!

    Being genuinely interested will always get me to go look at someones blog!

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    1. Yeah I hate it when people do that too because I feel like it’s a super rude thing to do I mean if you want me to be active on your blog you should do more than just leave a comment asking me to follow you. I almost always check out the blogs of people who post a comment on my blog anyway whether they ask me to or not.
      Glad you enjoyed the post!

      Liked by 1 person

                    1. Yeah it’s sad but a lot of people are like that- they’re just in it for the likes and follows. I have some people who keep commenting on my blog and once I follow them they stop altogether. Or people who follow you and then when you follow them back they unfollow you. Those are the worst.

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  2. I’m still constantly learning and slowly getting there. I didn’t know to check Google search words to see if there are common tags I could add. Your article has so many tips I’m going to share it as one of my Monday featured bloggers posts – I hope you don’t mind. Word Press will notify you when the article linking to your post goes live 🙂 x

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  3. This is honestly so helpful having just started myself and just slacking too finally starting to take things a little more seriously, surprisingly enough today was the first day I actually saw growth in my blog from likes and views the only thing left to take off is people actually commenting now, thanks for the tips, cheers to greater things ahead 😘

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    1. Thank you so much and in my experience it’s easier to talk to others through blogging than in person because it gives me less anxiety. Hope to get to know you through blogging!!

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  4. The niche thing has been killing me so that’s why I just rolled with it. My friend told me that THAT IS what makes me fun to talk to, you never know what I am going to say next.

    So I agree with the genuine bit. For me, I used to write for the money but I hated that. It really does suck the fun out of it.

    Also, PoojaG, thanks. You’re one of the only people, so far, to read more than one blog post and I REALLY do appreciate that. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah when you do something for money it’s different from when you do it for fun and I think your readers will be able to tell the difference too. I think most people prefer to read something honest and genuine.

      You’re very welcome I love your blog!


  5. This is what I needed. I have been feeling so stuck lately and I stopped blogging for a while because I was feeling like I was going nowhere with my blog. This post has really helped me 🙂 Thanks a lot for the tips 🙂

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  6. I struggle the most with tags and finding other blogs like mine. I’m more of a lifestyle/blogging to get things out there just because. I think half the trouble is really sitting down and learning all the ins and outs of WordPress. I know the basics and the surface but haven’t gone deeper at all.

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    1. Yeah it takes a while to get the hang of things. Maybe you’re using too many or too few tags? If you use too many WordPress doesn’t show it on their tag option and if you use too few it doesn’t get to as many readers.


  7. Hi, some very interesting points in this blog… as a newbee to this I found this post very useful… many thanks.. what would you say is the correct amount of tags? I think I am averaging about eight….

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  8. Great read! I feel like I’m doing all these things, but need to up my involvement in areas. “Having Fun with It” is where I get a lot of motivation because I keep blogging from my heart even though my following number remains low. Thanks for your tips.

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  9. Reblogged this on patricschrn and commented:
    Thank you for visiting my WordPress blog, “Lifelines” at, and thank you for this great article. I advertise my books on my page but many of my posts are about life, family, and inspirational thoughts. I can only hope to become as prolific as you are, but I’m going to try! I will check out some of your other posts as well. Than you for sharing yourself!

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  10. Thank you for this great article. I’m not a newbie, really, but new to actively pursuing a presence.I advertise my books on my page but many of my posts are about life, family, and inspirational thoughts. I can only hope to become as prolific as you are, but I’m going to try! I will check out some of your other posts as well. Thank you, also, for visiting my WordPress blog, “Lifelines” at Please feel free to check out my other articles as well.

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  11. HAVE FUN WITH IT! Yes, I started to write because I love it. 2 to 3 likes on my posts brought me so much happiness! I don’t actually know how the tags work on my blog, but thanks to this post! I will try my best to work on it. 🙂


  12. Thanks for the great advice! I am trying to focus less on who follows me and more on my content. I will try my best to follow through your advice. Also I randomly followed you, but now I am learning so much, maybe a rule I won’t completely follow. -lol-

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  13. Hello PoojaG, great advise. I just became disabled so now I have time to write. I have everything in place now and I’m just trying to inspire positive change in the world. Your tips have helped give me a couple more ideas of how to get my Blog out there. Thank you and have a great night.

    Liked by 2 people

  14. I enjoy reading your posts. I’ve been at this for so long, but i have serious ADHD, so I can’t seem to get from a to z, if that makes sense. I know exactly what to do and what I want to accomplish, in my mind, that is, but when I go to really do it, it’s like I become paralyzed. Very strange. So between my mental health blogs and the work from home blogs, I can come up with some great things. I enjoy reading your blogs. You get the point across in plain English! Thanks for your Blogs, I’ll be reading.

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  15. I enjoy the practical advice your blogs offer. I am not a “serious” blogger, but I do hope to get better at it! I recently started working on my tags and you’re right, really makes a difference!


  16. Thanks a lot for sharing these!! After a long ( really long) hiatus, I rejoined WordPress and this was the first post I saw. And it is so motivating to read these. Thanks again!
    Although, I will be glad if you can help me out with the tags section 😅

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  17. Thanks for writing this! I just launched my blog and I have no idea what I’m doing, so it feels nice to see that everyone started from the same point lol. (Also, I’m not sure if this is against blogging etiquette, but thank you for liking my intro post!)

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  18. Thanks PoojaG. I think I am going to place this link on my blog page. And thanks so much for the tips. I only block once a week and am really trying to stay consistent with it. Am still building my site and hope to eventually get there. But thank you so much. I was about to through in the towel. But as I was taught in grade school. “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits!” Again—thanks a lot. I will definitely take this information to heart. Have a great rest of your week.

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  19. Thank you for this post. It is really useful. We (my sister and I) are fairly new to blogging and we are also not very tech savvy when it comes to certain things. What my sister and I are trying to do is be more involved in the wordpress community. We have social media platforms to promote our blog, but we also want a presence and existence where our blog is hosted.

    To try and do this I remembered a wordpress tutorial I did which had a hashtag for wordpress. This was the start of trying to establish a presence here. We now add this hashtag to every blog post. (#thedailypost).

    We’ve recently realised that we can see other blog posts through the stream section, I don’t know why I didn’t realised this previously. There are so many things to learn. I think initially we were just trying to get our head around creating a user friendly site that anything else was a bit overwhelming.

    We are very grateful for and appreciate the wordpress followers we do have, and want to build upon this. We will be checking out other posts from now on, and getting more involved, now that we have worked out how too.

    Thank you so much for this post and your fun, useful and informative blog.


    1. So glad to hear that! The tags section is on the right hand side of the drafts section, That’s where you type in tags- I would recommend 6-8. Hope that helps and feel free to reach out if you have more questions!


  20. Hi Pooja,
    Thanks for the post, I have a question. I would be so happy to receive an answer! 👍

    Q: How regular is regular?

    I have been posting on my mental health blog quite irregularly, tops once a week. Now I am starting an English language learning blog for Peruvians in the southern city of Abancay, and I have no idea of how frequently to blog. Is once a week just too infrequent? Thanks a million 🌹

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! So my opinion is that the more often you post- especially if you post consistently at the same time- the more traffic/followers you will get as long as you don’t cross over to spamming people with posts. I think the perfect balance would be one/two posts a day. However, if you want to post less often like maybe 1-5 times a week it should not be a problem- although your growth will be slower- as long as you post on the same day/days and time every week. I would recommend scheduling your posts ahead of time to be posted at the optimum time for your blog. Hope that helps!

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  21. Wow! Thanks a ton for this. As a relatively new blogger, you got me at “2 followers kept you going”. Will look to actively implement these tips and hopefully stay motivated. I do enjoy blogging and I guess that is most important at this stage and not the number of followers I have. Thanks once again and happy July!

    Liked by 1 person

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