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Vegan French Toast Recipe!

A recipe for an easy and healthy vegan alternative of French Toast! It’s filled with delicious veggies and tastes amazing!

Enjoy Summer Vacations Productively

Originally posted on Viva Books:
Our world is changing rapidly. Modern society is replacing joint families with small nuclear ones. Nowadays, both parents are opting for a job, which leaves children under the care of housemaids. This lets children do whatever they like. They have become more comfortable in their houses. Rather than stepping out…

Comics That Introverts Will Relate To!

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My 5 Favourite E.L.F Products Under $5

If you’ve ever bought makeup you probably know it can cost way too much sometimes and that’s why I thought I would share some of my favourite affordable makeup products with you guys! Long-wear Lip Liner Pencil ($1) – Although it is called long-wear I have to admit that if you’re planning on eating with this…

Life Happens

So if you’ve noticed I haven’t been on the blog for a bit or posting it’s because my amazing WiFi decided to stop working. Just randomly decided nope I’m not going to work anymore who cares how inconvenient it will be for everyone. Oh and then my laptop fell apart. I mean it literally just…

10 Jokes You’ll Love If You’re An Introvert!

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Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day everyone! I hope you have an amazing day with all the amazing women in your life! AppreciationhappinesslifeloveMomMomsMotherMothersMothers DayMumMums

Lifesfinewhine Is Officially On Instagram!

So I finally decided to join Instagram! To check out my profile click here. I decided to join because firstly I wanted to share my blog posts on it and secondly I thought it would be fun to share a bit more of my life and what I’m doing because as much as I try…