It Gets Worse… Than A Bit Better…

So today I went to the Registrar’s Office as I was told to do and after wasting my time going there and waiting in line and stuff I’m told *surprise surprise* the Registrar’s Office doesn’t do seminar changes! I can’t even write in words how angry and flabbergasted I was when I heard this! So it turns out the people who keep telling me to go to the Reg Office are the ones who are supposed to be doing the seminar thing for me anyway!

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So I emailed them and told them and the only reply I got was ‘what seminar do you want to change to?’ I mean can you believe that? Maybe I’m being a little dramatic but how about a “I’m sorry I wasted like 4 hours of your time when I was supposed to be the one doing it and didn’t realise.” So rude.

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After I emailed her which seminar I wanted to change to they finally changed it after a few hours and yes I’ve been able to upload my assignment. FINALLY!

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If you have no idea what’s going on click here to read the first part of this post.



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  1. Opher

    Aaaah!! The intricacies of bureaucracy. I was fortunate when I was at college. I didn’t have time for all that stuff. I was too busy gigging and staying up through the night partying, talking and generally being a bad student. Somehow I scraped through. I still don’t know how. I only attended half the lectures. I mean – putting lectures in the morning?? How could they?? What were they thinking??

    • PoojaG

      YES I have lectures at like 9 in the morning which is so annoying! Like what sort of evil person makes someone wake up that early to LEARN!

  2. David W. Jones

    Ah, the joys of bureaucracy! My theory is they hire part-time student help for such things at the start of the semester, and only get around to training them a few months later.

    Chemistry majors at my college typically had ALL their major classes (lectures and labs) done for the day before noon. While I, a creative writing major, didn’t have my first English class until 11AM, and the last class sessions ended around 9PM.

    I liked being an English major! 🙂

  3. Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse)

    Well, I would’ve been boiling mad too! And they didn’t even apologize for wasting your time. How rude!

  4. fitnessgrad

    That would have worked my nerves and anxiety going through all that bull crap, way to get things figured out finally and sorry they wasted so much of your time >.< school , I tell ya.


    • PoojaG

      Yeah I was super anxious for like a week because of all this but at least it’s been sorted out (kind of they still added me to the wrong section). School can really work your nerves sometimes!

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