So a good blogging friend Elaine and I had decided that we were finally going to do an art and I was supposed to be done by last week but I am never one to do things on time so I am done with it this week. We were supposed to do them on a canvas but I just didn’t like how it was coming out on the canvas and I really wasn’t feeling it so I did it in this book instead! Please do go check out her art too (she used canvases)!

I wanted to do a charcoal painting of a girl but since I am kind of a stranger to using charcoal for art I started out with the basics and just did the features first.

Once I was sure I was used to using charcoal and I knew how to draw the features I drew the actual thing:

I’m not very good at it yet compared to what I’ve seen other people do but it was really fun to do!

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30 thoughts on “Art!

    1. Haha thanks Mistry! You’re always doing amazing art and it inspired me to do some of my own! I got it from TBC- when I got it they had kept it near where the canvases and paints are. I’m sure you can get it at TBC so just check there and if you can’t find where it’s kept ask the workers they’ll tell you where to find it.

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