Six Word Story #7

Six Word Story #7

He left, never to return again. For more six word stories click here. And if you enjoyed this post don't forget to like, follow, share and comment!!

Journey On The Coast (Guest Post)

Journey On The Coast (Guest Post)

By Mukund Pathak Not afraid of result As long as I am walking That breeze Passing by, that colorful sky All I feel That tears too Now feel good Cause it teaches The essence of poetry Sometimes​  friends Sometimes  enemy Make me help Find my lost identity ..... For more poetry click here. For more guest [...]

Six Word Story Part 4


This six word story is mainly dedicated as #heshestory

1. He was life. She was time-pass.

2.  Wrong time. Wrong Place. Right Person

3. Soul mates.  Met and parted away

4.What you love also kills you.

5. She disappeared Before I could Blink.

6. Broken heart. Silent outcry. TRUE LOVE.

7. Dark Night. Wet Pillows. Melancholy. Love???

8. Sedatives, Nope. Baby you are enough.

9. Found Cinderella. Realized shoes were exchanged.

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Hallo! Wie Gehts?

Hallo! Wie Gehts?

As many of you probably know I'm learning German at the moment and since it's been so much fun learning it I thought today I would teach you guys greetings/salutations in German because as you know- ich liebe Deutsch! Hallo- Hello Auf wiedersehen- Goodbye Tschüss- Bye Guten Tag- Good day Guten Morgen- Good morning Guten Nachmittag- [...]