What an amazing post to read on Monday!! Really made my day! 🙂

The Ink Tip

They say,the best way to learn is by experience!

Today, i finally learnt the reason why man and kind were paired together to form “mankind” a word, often used to characterize me,you and everybody else who identifies as a homo sapien.

Kindness is a powerful gift that was bestowed to each of us innately. It is almost like a powerful seventh sense that acts in the most complex of situations,restoring and creating new bonds.However in this day and age, kindness seems to be becoming lesser and lesser, almost as if a secret black hole was slowly sucking it in,bit by bit.

This is the reason why my experience today was a rare and beautiful testament to the fact that kindness still exists.

[This scene is set on one of the many scattered roads in Nairobi]

I was quietly sitting in my living room, devouring my book page by page.All of sudden my…

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