Want To Guest Post??

Hi everyone!! Just wanted to let everyone reading this know that even though I write about a bunch of different topics at the moment I would love to have guest posts on this blog so if anyone is interested in writing a guest post please let me know. The post can be about literally anything from poetry to psychology to health, fitness and nutrition.

My email address is: insomniacwithanaccent@gmail.com so if you want more information or want to send a post please email it. Also if you have anymore questions let me know in the comments below or again you can email it if you like.

Also if I haven’t replied to some of your comments on my blog it’s because WordPress has been sending some comments to my spam folder by mistake so I’m really sorry about that and maybe you could re-post the comment so I could see it and reply.Spa

17 thoughts on “Want To Guest Post??

    1. Yeah I’ve already got some great feedback which is awesome.
      Yes spam is annoying because some of my comments are going into spam too. Plus I have to keep checking my spam folder which is kind of irritating.

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                1. Yeah luckily my comments don’t go into your spam probably because we comment quite often on each others blog and I haven’t got any of your comments in my spam either which is awesome. But when I post a link on someone’s blog that I don’t usually comment on it just goes directly into spam for some reason

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  1. Happy to oblige pooja! here’s an idea – pop over to the inkwell – and if there’s anything there you think your readers might want to take a look at, drop me a line and i’ll send what you want as a post. (Warning – you might be a while.)

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      1. I really love the poetry! And I think my readers would really enjoy it if you could write a post on places you visit too. You can do either poetry or a post about a place you visited (or you can do both!).


  2. Pooja, Just sent you something from the leaves of one of my notebooks – an original scribble direct to your email – “The Terrace at Number 3” – feel free to post it here – but most of all – enjoy the read!

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