One Lovely Blog Award

First of all I just want to thank Shay-lon from the bottom of my heart for this nomination. It really means so much to me that you nominated me for this award. Shay-Lon has an amazing blog about fitness and health that you definitely need to go check out and she also has an awesome YouTube channel where she talks more about these things. She has some awesome advice on exercising, healthy eating, positive body image and so much more.

The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them
  • Share 7-15 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 9-15 bloggers you admire and contact them to let them know

Facts about me:

  • I live in Kenya
  • I’m ethnically Indian
  • I love music
  • I want to do a double degree in history and psychology when I go to university
  • I’m a huge Star Wars fan
  • I have pretty bad social anxiety
  • I love writing and hope to someday publish a book
  • I’m afraid of the dark
  • I’m 19 years old
  • I have an older sibling (sister)

My nominees are:





Afzal Moolla


JA Goodsell






I just want to again thank Shay-lon for the nomination and I look forward to reading more about my nominees.

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25 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Ooo I have social anxiety too! Something that many people probably wouldn’t know unless I made mention because I come off as outgoing, but there are many times I go someplace and back out of going because I am not sure of the situation or unsure of the people or just feel not so confident, ect. Something that I continue to work on though.


    Enjoyed learning more about you! thank you for mentioning my blog page & Youtube channel.

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    1. Yeah anxiety is hard because i mean no matter how much we try to be social it gets hard sometimes. Like i do that too and try to find ways to get out of things sometimes. But the best we can do is work on it and try our best to not let anxiety mess with our lives.
      Your welcome and thanks so much for the nomination!

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        1. I don’t take meds either and I was actually going to ask you the same thing! I think what helps me most is just not over thinking the situation and also not taking a lot of caffeine. I was actually thinking about starting meds but I’m not really sure about that yet.

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          1. Yes, I do not want to take meds, I feel as though the Pharmacies already give people too many meds so they can make money. I know I have heard of some meds helping people, but I feel like I want to face this problem head on, otherwise I will be programmed to have meds make me someone I cannot control. Yes, overthinking does bring on the situation, I tend to overthink a lot. I also found if we make a list of things we need to do throughout the day, each day.. it makes our anxiety a bit easier to manage. I thought about doing more research about our anxiety to see if there is other coping ways of handling it. I know stress brings my anxiety out and makes things harder on me, also peer pressure can bring my anxiety on as well.

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            1. Yeah I kind of don’t want to take meds as well because I feel like they would control me in a way. I mean it’s good for people if it helps them but personally I don’t think I want to take them. Hmmm I haven’t tried the list thing but I will definitely give it a try and see if it helps. I have tried a lot of other methods and stuff I read on the internet but most of it doesn’t really seem to work. Stress definitely makes it worse for sure and peer pressure too

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              1. Yes, I find that people say it helps (the meds; I just cannot bring myself to take more medicine. I don’t want something to control how I think or go about my day. I could taking them if I am on the verge of a panic attack, lol. Oh really? Eh, I suppose it depends on one’s severity of their anxiety, and possibly on what all you do in your day to day.

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                1. Yeah panic attacks just suck. I think it’s mainly just individual differences because like maybe things that work on some people don’t always work on everyone with anxiety and I guess it depends on what kind of anxiety you have too

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