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    The Liebster Award 2

    I was nominated again for this award by Afzal Moolla who has an amazing blog. He has one of the greatest blogs I have read and his poetry is just so raw and beautiful. You should definitely go check out his blog! With this nomination comes 11 questions to answer, 11 blogs to nominate, and 11 questions to write! Here are those 11 questions given to me: 1. Why do you write? Because the feeling I get when I write is incomparable to anything else. Writing is my passion. 2. Who is your role model in life? Ellen DeGeneres 3. Where do you draw your inspiration from? I am really inspired…

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    My 100th Post!!

    I’m so glad I started blogging and cannot believe I have written so many blogs already. Honestly when I started blogging I wasn’t sure I would even get any followers and I wasn’t sure whether I would actually continue blogging either but I’m so happy that I did keep blogging because writing a new post is usually the most fun part of my day. I actually started blogging because one of my friends was doing it too and that was when I started thinking a lot about my future. I honestly love writing and at that point I knew that I wanted to write somehow and since I was still…

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    The Ramblings Of An Insomniac

    Why are we here? What am I doing with my life? I should really clean my cupboard tomorrow What outfit should I wear tomorrow? I should stop binge watching stuff What time is it? If I fall asleep now I can still get enough sleep What year was the Berlin Wall torn down? Why are humans so annoying? Why am I still not asleep? What if I never succeed? What if I have to drop out of college? What if I never become a psychologist? And have to work as a receptionist forever What am I doing with my life? Why am I here? What am I going to post…

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    The Liebster Award

    I really want to thank JA Goodshell for nominating me for this award. I really enjoy reading her posts and her blog is definitely worth checking out! With this nomination comes 11 questions to answer, 11 blogs to nominate, and 11 questions to write! Here are those 11 questions given to me: 1. Who is your favorite author and why? Well I really love both John Green and Jodi Picoult because they both write incredibly complicated books that just really make you think and I love that. 2. What are your thoughts on e-readers? Personally, I’m not a huge fan but it’s a great way to encourage people to read.…

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    Happy Monday!

    With everything that has been going on lately I feel like it’s important for us to remember that good still exists in the world and that now more than ever we need peace and love. Here are some quotes about peace, love and harmony to help you get through the week: If you want to read more inspirational posts click here. If you enjoyed this post please don’t forget to like, follow, comment and share.

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    How To Survive High School

    So as most of you know I recently just finished high school and graduated and even though I’ve had some of my best memories in high school I know firsthand how much high school can suck. I mean with all your hormones going insane and all the changes you’re going through high school can be really tough and so I decided to share some of the things that helped me get through high school: Ignore the ‘cool kids’– find your true self instead of trying to fit in with them because trust me they are not the kind of friends you want to have in the future. Instead of trying…

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    Change- Poetry

    The soft feeling in your fingertips The numbness in your mind The beating in your heart The adrenaline in your blood The slight tremble of your legs Feel it Embrace it Love it This is the first poem I’ve written in quite a while and it’s basically about what it feels like to have things change. I mean change can be the most scary thing in the world but it can also simultaneously be the greatest thing ever and sometimes you need embrace it. If you want to read more poetry on this blog click here. If you enjoyed this poem don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment

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    Endings And Beginnings

    My exams just ended today and honestly I could not be more relieved. This was my last year in school and honestly even though I am really torn up about leaving high school I have to admit I am also looking forward to the future. I feel like this is the beginning of the rest of my life and it’s really exciting. I decided to take some time off before going to university and even though at first I wasn’t so sure about it I’m really glad I decided to wait. There is so much I wanted to do when I was in school that I didn’t have time to…