The Awesome Blogger Award

I was recently nominated for this award by vestermiles who has an amazing blog that you should definitely go check out. I love reading all his posts because they are just so down to earth and relatable.

The Rules:

#1. Copy and paste the image with the rules.

#2. Share one thing that you thing that makes you truly awesome.

#3. Nominate other bloggers for the award. 

*The number of bloggers to be nominated should not exceed 7.

I really like the concept of this award because as humans we tend to focus on the negative way more than the positive and this award reminds us about what makes us awesome. I think what makes me awesome is that I am open minded and a dreamer. I try to always accept people for who they are and I hate giving up on something I am passionate about.

My nominees are:

Opher’s World








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