Your eyes are so small

Men like big eyes

Your lips are too thin

They look very unattractive

Your nose is too big

The smaller the better

Your chest is so flat

Have you ever considered implants?

Your hair is so thin

And frizzy

Your face is so greasy

You should use more makeup

Your skin is so uneven

It’s unbecoming

Your stomach is getting fat

You need to lose weight

Your thighs are so large

How do you find pants that fit?

Your stretch marks are so unflattering

You can’t pull off that swimsuit

You’re not good enough

And you never will be

This poem is about that person in your life or that voice in your head that just won’t go away. It keeps pointing out your imperfections and reminding you that you’re not good enough but you need to stop listening to it because if you think about it everyone has flaws. No one is perfect and at the end of the day your imperfections make you who you are, they make you unique and at some point they will be your biggest strength.

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