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    Myths About Mental Health Disorders

    I haven’t written much to do with psychology lately and since this week is Mental Health Week I decided to write about some myths about mental disorders that are unfortunately often believed by those who don’t understand them. Myth: People with mental health disorders are just weak Fact: Having a mental disorder doesn’t make you weaker than other people and it definitely doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your personality. Many factors can affect your mental health like biological factors such as genes and hormone levels, life experiences and family history of mental illnesses can also be affecting factors. Myth: People with mental health disorders are just pretending/being dramatic…

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    One Of Them- Poetry

    The world is a cruel place It mocks us and sneers As we all quickly change Into conditioned robots You say something But it is not your voice It is years of conditioning talking Years of being told what to do How to think What to feel How to love If you try to break free They just pull you back They want to keep you chained To social norms They’ll never let you leave Slowly but surely You’ll turn into one of them They’ll make you One of them Until your eyes become just as clouded as theirs And your individuality no longer exists

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    Give A Bit Of Yours (Guest Post)

    Rub off from everyone Bit by bit Take a bit of theirs Give a bit of yours   Learn how to tease Learn how to taunt Learn how to dress And learn how to please   They might force you to smoke They might force you to drink Yes or no Give a bit of yours   Make a wise choice! Who’s the angel Who’s the devil After all You’ll give a bit of yours ________________________________________________________________________________ This is another poem by Mistryland about how much friends influence your life choices and lifestyle and how eventually we all unconsciously pick up traits and habits from everyone around us. This is why we…

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    Today- Poetry

    Today I went to class And sat in the corner And pretended I was invisible I hoped no one would see me Or try to approach me   Today I went to school And learnt about things I don’t care about Things I won’t remember Things that will never help me in life   Today I walked around on the street And looked at everyone They all had the same look on their faces The haunted look of conditioned minds Made to do the same thing again and the again Today I went home And tried to speak my mind But no one listened You’re just a child, they replied You’re…