My Favorites This Month

My Favorites This Month

This month has been really crazy and I thought I would write a post about some of my favorite things this month. Books The Well Of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall- this fascinating read challenged mainstream society and was banned upon publication nearly ruining Hall’s career. It is not an autobiography but is very similar to [...]

His Heart Broke (Guest Post)

The middle son Eighteen years old Left for the unknown The mother cried And the brothers wept No one asked the father If his heart broke   The last daughter A young bride Left her home The mother smiled The brothers danced No one asked the father If his heart broke   The youngest son [...]

Phases I Went Through

All teenagers go through a bunch of phases (that mostly tend to be extreme, weird or annoying). We’ve all been at that phase when you don’t support the government and prefer anarchy or communism over democracy (wait was that just me?). We’ve all also gone through that phase where we want to get a bunch [...]

Living With Depression

Many people don’t understand what depression feels like and think that people who are depressed are just being sad and pessimistic and they should just try to brighten up. What people don’t realize is that depression isn’t a choice, it’s a disease. It’s sad how psychological illnesses are not taken as seriously as physical ones. [...]

5 Friends You Need To Have

In high school you’re very likely to hang out with lots of different types of people. Even though school can seem like a total drag sometimes the best part can be all the people you get to interact with. There are some people in school that you should definitely avoid but here are some that [...]

Book Review: Paper Towns

Book Review: Paper Towns

*Warning: Contains Spoilers* John Green’s Paper Towns is easily a classic and officially one of my favorite books. His style of making the characters painfully realistic and relatable just makes the book better. John Green brings to life characters and plot lines that no other author could do so well. He never stops to try [...]