The Smile- Poem

An old man lies on the ground coughing

All the empty souls walk by

Ignoring his existence

They’re too busy repeating the same task

Every single day

Like clockwork

Looking without seeing

Listening without hearing

Dead to everything around them

They can’t see how empty they are

Their eyes cloaked by years of experience

They talk on their cell phones

And stare ahead blankly

Coffee in hand

A little girl runs to the old man

Hello there she says brightly

Her blue eyes glow in the sun

Her hair blows in the wind

Where do you live she asks

Here on the street he replies

Her mother calls her name

She waves goodbye

Running to her mother

He smiles and looks up at the sky

He closes his eyes and goes towards the light



This poem was inspired by my fascination of observing people. I find that most people just drift through life without ever actually realizing that they are missing so much. We never stop and just look at everything around us, we never stop to give a helping hand and listen to someone else’s story. I don’t know when humans became so selfish and self-centered but I feel like we need to change our ways. Children are innocent and seeing the world through a child’s eyes is chilling and that is what I wanted to portray.

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6 thoughts on “The Smile- Poem

  1. The day people stop being empty souls, and just try to see the world from someone else’s eyes and experience and understand that everyone has a story to tell and everyone is like the way they are because of their story, we’d finally come to peace. And would stop shoving our opinions down their throats and actually respect them. But because of this society rules we have to live in for the fear of getting shunned, we can’t see the world differently. And this brings out another question, are we actually free as we are told?

    This is a very thought inspiring poem, I really like it!

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    1. Yes I absolutely agree. We need to be more understanding of one another and try to live together peacefully instead of always judging each other. I don’t believe anyone is ever truly free- there are always rules one must made by the government, society, religion, adults etc.
      Thanks for the that!

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