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How Make Your Life More Interesting And Meaningful

Don’t we all strive for doing something interesting every single day? Don’t we all get up from bed thinking today would be awesome?
I am sure we all believe that. But what are the things that we can do all day long to make our lives more interesting, meaningful, and full of fun? So here in this post, I have listed down the top 5+1 simple activities which can make our everyday life awesome!

  1. Do Some Chop-Chop!

Yes, you heard me correct. Don’t know cooking? No worries. Why don’t you help your mother with cutting some veggies?  This will help you release some dopamine and you will definitely feel good. And if you know a bit of cooking then, my friend, make something delicious for your family. They will be thrilled and so will you!
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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

  1. Peekaboo! Surprise Your Old Books

Sometimes we grow up by forgetting those small things that made our earlier days so much special and memorable. From childhood, books have been a constant companion as we paved our way towards adulthood. It is always great fun to peep through your old books’ shelf. You would realize there are so many memories hidden within every nook and corner of your old books. Who knows, you might come across some love letters from your high school sweetheart!
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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

  1. Set Up Home Plants

The idea of home plants is growing rapidly. You don’t even need to go out and buy these items. Just lookout for some beautiful plants from your garden or someplace nearby. Take out some cool pots, unused for a long time, from your store. And use your creativity while arranging these home plants all-around your dining, bedroom, kitchen, and even washroom.
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  1. Call Up Your Old Buds!

It is always special to call up your buddies with whom you haven’t had a talk for a long time. When you do that, you would feel so much happiness and joy which cannot be compared with anything else. Your old pals know you better than anyone on this planet. You have shared everything with them, starting from your first break-up sad story to going out on a long drive with your first newly bought car. Just remember what you can’t share with your closed ones, even parents, you can easily do that to your old buds. And they would always welcome you with your hands wide open.

  1. Knock-Knock the Artist inside You

You need not go to an art school to be good at drawing, painting & sketching to be an artist. You can literally do anything and everything to wake up the creative you from within. Well, you can make some paper boats with colourful papers and showcase on your shelf. There are plenty of people who doodle on any sheet of paper using whatever they can get nearby and convert it into a unique piece of creativity.
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Created by Shobhangi Rudra

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Arkaprabha Das is the Founder & Editorial Chief at The Strong Traveller. He has always been a man of many caps. Apart from being an MBA professional, he is a full-time freelance writer and possesses the mind & heart of a true entrepreneur! You can always reach out to him at


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