The Unborns- Poetry

The Unborns

She was expecting a baby

She was going to paint her room pink

She would have been her little princess

Until she was born dead


The world was still

The tears were dry

It didn’t matter anymore

Because she was born dead


She stopped crying at the park

Where little girls ran to their mother

She stopped question herself

Why was she born dead?


She gave birth to a son

He was her little prince

But when she went to sleep that night

Her little girl ran into her arms in her dreams

This poem is about a woman who has a miscarriage and how it impacts her life and how she deals with it. I thought it was beautifully raw and painfully emotional.

PS: I know I only post poetry on Friday and I was going to originally post my review of Jessica Jones but I’m really sick right now (I have a cold) and I have to revise for my tests so I think I’m going to be posting poetry for some time because I really don’t have the time or energy to post anything else. Thanks for bearing with me 🙂

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