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    Happy New Year- 2018!

    Yes 2018 is already here even though it feels like it was just the beginning of 2017 a little while ago! 2017 wasn’t always the best… but I had an interesting year filled with lots of new experiences I will definitely try to write a more elaborate post on everything that happened over the last few months because I know I haven’t been posting as regularly about what’s going on with me although it was mostly this: And sometimes this: Hope you guys have an amazing start to the new year! Let me know in the comments how you celebrated the last day of 2017/first day of 2018! And don’t…

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    Happy New Year- 2017!

    Happy New Year to all of my amazing followers! You guys mean the world to me and seriously I couldn’t have got through 2016 without you! I hope 2017 is amazing and you guys all get everything you wish for! Let me know in the comments below what you hope for and expect from 2017!

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    Happy New Year- 2015!

    It’s a new year A new start Let us look to the future And forget the past Let us look forward to everything Appreciate everything around us Let us make some happy memories Along with the sad ones Let us meet new people And go on new adventures Let us be glad Instead of always complaining Let us learn new things That we have always wanted to learn Let us try to understand ourselves And everyone around us Let us look to the future And forget the past I just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Life is a beautiful journey and this year is going to be…