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    Random Post!

    A blogging friend of mine called Mukund Pathak at livingsoul2016 asked me to tell all the followers who follow both of us that he will not be blogging for a few months now because he has to take some time off to prepare for his exams. I hope everyone reading this will send him good vibes and lots of luck 🙂

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    Stranger (Guest Post)

    By Mukund Pathak Walk alone in the crowd so that you don’t cross their hand That hidden feeling will emerge and you”ll start following them They will take you to the unknown Path of Anxiety and temptation And yes that’s the grace of stranger and all their creation Though you are fine before you feel more alive now but you are misunderstood the theory of strangers First they win your trust , then wins you and then silently kills your trust but the thing is it don’t hurt unless you admit that mistake cause you are still walking alone in the crowd and being that stranger For more poetry from…

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    What About Now?

    During my gap year I have been thinking a lot about how we have stopped living in the moment and how everyone has become so busy with life that they have stopped appreciating life and the little things that make life amazing. People have stopped just relaxing and doing literally nothing for a while to rejuvenate. I mean when I first started the gap year it just felt so oddly wrong to do nothing and relax. I felt like there was something else I should be doing. But now that I have been relaxing for a while now and only doing things I enjoy and want to do it feels…