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    How Traveling Musicians Make Money

    By Stefan Being a successful musician today is one of the hardest things in show business. This industry can be ruthless, especially if you don’t have something unique and exciting to offer. Being a traveling musician can be even more complicated. These people are constantly on the road and this particular lifestyle doesn’t leave them much time for their own personal needs. For example, they can’t have a regular love life, so most of the time they have to meet people online and date via the Internet. But the biggest question of them all is – how are traveling musicians making money today? If you want to find out their…

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    Universe In Chaos

    Sleep deprived Heavy eyelids Room in disarray Life in chaos Coffee stains on the mattress Ink smears on the fingers House in disarray Universe in chaos For more poetry click here. For more on the image used click here. And if you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment.

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    The Terrace At Number Three (Guest Post)

    by Brian F. Kirkham Old building set near cobbles with Oak table and chairs Copper kettle brewing on stove placed nearby the stairs Fruit from Nearby grocer is cut up and cored covered by pastry in pie bowl and in the oven it is stored Washboard and dolly-tub on the front steps lies unhooked ready for the washing which has been overlooked But soon its all clean, shirts gleaming with pride and sitting in sun on pegs hanging outside And as line is drying oven’s cooking the pie which will be ready for eating as the clothes become dry And the family here living, today is having a guest. so…