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    Technical Difficulties

    So as you guys know I recently updated my site to the Premium Plan and I liked it so much I decided to upgrade further to the Business Plan and this is the point where everything went to hell. I hated the Business Plan and it clearly did not work well for me in any way whatsoever and I was so uncomfortable using it so I decided to change back to Premium. I talked to someone from support and they assured me that I wouldn’t loose my posts and it wouldn’t mess with the posts I had published during the time I was on the Business Plan. As you can…

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    Quotes About Anxiety

      I really hope you enjoyed these quotes. I have pretty bad anxiety and quotes like these make me feel a lot more positive so I decided to share some today. For more quotes click here. For more inspirational posts click here. And if you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment!

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    How To Have Fun As An Introvert!

    Plan- As an introvert I get a lot of anxiety about stuff like hanging out or going somewhere and to decrease your anxiety and have more fun you should try to plan our your activities for the day before hand so that you have a stress free time. And if you’re going to multiple places make sure you have a ride planned, and I think one way to make that less stressful is to rent a car because if like me you don’t really have a car of your own it gets a little expensive using taxis or Uber’s all day long. Turo is a¬†good option if you’re in the…