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    Six Word Story #63

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    Interesting People I've Learnt About

    Why I Decided To Write About These Interesting People In Particular I had been meaning to do a post on the interesting people that I have learnt about in my classes so far for a while now. However, with everything going on right now I thought I would share some information about interesting African American people that I have learnt about. I admire the more famous figures that we hear about often but I thought I would also include some lesser known people because people who don’t study history may not have heard about them. Phyllis Wheatley (c. 1753-1784) I first heard/learnt about her in my American Enlightenment class. She…

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    Quotes About Equality #2

    I just wanted to share these quotes today because I felt that we could all use a reminder about the importance of equality. It truly terrifies me to see that people can be murdered for existing and that black people are still being treated like this in the 21st century. George Floyd is one of the large number of black people that have been victims of police brutality and when I saw that video I was disgusted and terrified- I still haven’t been able to fully watch it because I can feel a panic attack coming on just thinking about it. All these victims had families, friends and lives and…