Shamba Cafe Review And Experience

So a couple of days ago I was lucky enough to go to Shamba Cafe with some friends and my sister. It was such a fun and amazing experience I had to share it with you guys.



Firstly we were blown away by how beautiful the place was. There was so much nature and since the area is surrounded by farms the view was incredible. They also grow some of the plants they use in that area.

IMG-20190630-WA0003 IMG-20190630-WA0005

There were also some super cute goats hanging out there! They were super friendly and soooo adorable!


We had some coffee’s- I had decaf with soy milk cos anxiety is a thing- and MistryLand had the fudge sundae (not sure if that’s what it’s called…). Not going to lie the service was super slow but I get it though because they were super busy the waiters/waitresses are only human. Oh and some people there were celebrating a birthday so they gave everyone cake!!




So the whole place is actually two renovated barns and it has such a cute farm feeling to it. I’m definitely going to go back with my mum- she grew up on a farm and loves farms!



This was the inside of the barn. I can just imagine how cute it would look at night when it’s all lit up!


I was also able to get some organic raw kombucha which was delicious! You can check out the company here.

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Thanks for reading the post we had an awesome time!


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