Picking The Right Course

I given the awesome idea to do this post by another fellow blogger Souparni who has an amazing blog that I have recently been following. She has only recently started out and it would be awesome if everyone would support her blog by reading and following it!

The first part of this post was about picking the right university and todays is going to be about picking the right courses.

Picking The Right Course/s

First of all you have to make sure you choose the career you want, not one that someone else wants you to have. Many universities offer the choice of taking a few classes before choosing a major and if the university you’ve chosen offers this make sure you take a mix of classes that you enjoy and some that are more serious. Also if you’re interested in doing a double degree or majoring in something and minoring in another thing make sure the university you pick offers these options and talk to them about it in advance.

What Do You Enjoy Most?

When it comes to picking a major make sure you pick something you enjoy doing. Don’t just pick something you can make a lot of money in or something your parents want you to choose. Make sure the decision is yours and it’s something you won’t regret in a few years.

Future Income

Even though it’s important to pick something you enjoy doing you also have to make a living from this point on (unfortunately). So you can still pick something you’re passionate about but make sure to research where you are most likely to get a job doing it. Look at countries where that particular degree will get you a good job in and then pick a university to go to that country so it’s easier for you in the future.

What Country Are You Going To Reside in?

Think long and hard about what country you want to end up in because unfortunately it will be really hard for you to find a job in some countries so make sure you research all this before picking a university or picking a major. If you’re sure you want to live in that country make sure you pick a major that will allow you to get a job in that country.

What are your strengths?

What subjects are you freakishly good at? We all have at least one thing we are surprisingly good at and that should be your biggest clue as to what you should do in university because honestly university is incredibly tough and already being good at whatever degree course you’re taking will go a long way in helping to make your life in university easier.

Have a plan B

Even though it’s always a good idea to get a degree in something you’re passionate about, if you think you can’t make a living off it or if you think it’ll take you a while to get a job in that particular field you may want to think about doing something else alongside that you can do for a while until you can get the perfect job for yourself in the field you want to work in.

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