My Daily Routine

I got the idea to do this post purplebutterfly964, on my “Ideas” post. She is always so supportive of my blog! Thank you so much for the idea! I hope you guys enjoy this post, it’s a little different

I wake up on the morning!

And then I drink a smoothie because I used to drink coffee/tea but I’m off caffeine now. And I usually don’t eat in the morning because eating in the morning just makes me feel nauseous and disgusting. Then I usually do about half an hour of meditation or an hour of yoga which helps make my entire day more positive!

Then I usually go to my blog and read a bunch of posts from you guys and respond to my notifications!

Then I make some lunch! I’ve been super into cooking these days for some reason it just really relaxes me!

And once I’m done with lunch and look a little like this:

I check out my blog again and post if it’s a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Then I read for a while.

Or if I’m not in the mood to read, I write.

And if I’m not in the mood to write either I do some art.

And then since the cats usually wake up by the time I’m done with any of the above I go play with them for a bit!

Sometimes I go out shopping in the afternoon too.

Or hang out with my friends when they’re not busy with work or university!

Then I make some dinner.

Then I watch some TV with my family!

Than I write for a bit and check up on my blog. After that I do a German lesson for about half an hour.

Then I meditate because I can’t sleep without meditating because my mind refuses to shut up!

And then I finally go to sleep and my day ends!

I hope you liked this post because I had so much fun doing it! If you guys want to see more posts like this one please leave a comment below!

And I used an app called Bitmoji to make these personalised emojis.

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