Experiencing Technical Difficulties

As you guys know WordPress is known to have some bugs and glitches and unfortunately it’s effecting my blog. For some reason I am not getting notifications for comments left on my blog or the replies for comments I have left on other peoples blogs. The whole commenting part of WordPress is usually my favourite so this really sucks.
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If you have left a comment on my blog or replied to a comment I have left on your blog and I haven’t replied to it please don’t take it personally. I just am not receiving the notification for it.
I’ve talked to the WordPress help team (I’m not sure if that’s what they’re called but that’s what I’m calling them…) and they said they would try to fix it. From earlier experiences this will likely take 3-7 days to fix so again if I don’t reply to your comments for the next few days it’s only because I don’t know of their existence.
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I want to reassure everyone that posts will go up as scheduled and I will try my best not to let this effect anything. Thanks for your patience and I’m hoping to get this issue fixed soon!
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