I Have A Question!

So I have a question for you guys-

Comments- I have noticed that some blogs I follow don’t have a comments section. I totally understand why they would shut them off because some trolls are really annoying and leave nasty comments. Personally I have pretty thick skin so I would be able to probably ignore them but I could totally understand why something like that would force someone to shut off their comments section. My question is would you ever consider shutting off your comments section? If so why? And if you have already shut off your comments section what made you decide to do so?

Also I got new glasses and wanted to show you guys 🤓 I look nerdier then ever 😂

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  • James J. Cudney IV

    Cute glasses. Bold.

    As for comments, I leave them on. I have a delete button if I want to remove a bad comment. Otherwise, I want to hear from everyone, assuming it’s not something derogatory towards anyone or any group.

    Perhaps other people don’t want to check all the back/forth in comments and would rather get messages from friends in other social media tools?

    • PoojaG

      Thank you!! 😊

      Yeah I do that too if someone is purposely being a jerk and trying to get a reaction out of me but usually I like to interact with people in my comments.

      Oh yeah that would make sense! I didn’t think of that. I guess not everyone enjoys answering comments.

        • PoojaG

          Yeah it’s so weird but some people just like to hurt others and doing it behind a screen makes them feel powerful I guess. It’s sad really that they have to act like that just to feel better about themselves.
          You’re welcome! I thought it would be super fun to hear what everyone thought about this!

      • PoojaG

        Thank you! 🤓
        Yeah I love interacting with my followers too and to me it’s worth having my comments section open but I guess sometimes hate just gets to people and I can understand why they shut it off!

  • NMY

    Like you said, some trolls can be really annoying. And that is why! Having said that, I did close my comments section once but could not do it for long since interactions about your poetry becomes important to gain perspective. You get to learn so much, yeah? The other option people opt for is going private, I guess. To each, his own. And I just might go private 😂. Good question, Pooja.

  • the20somethingexistentialcrisis

    I love your new glasses!

    I just moderate my comments and approve them before I let them post. I feel that’s the most fair way to manage any comments section. I mean, if it’s someone disagreeing with me with valid points, I will let it post, but if it is just rude or spam, nope.

  • Ice_Badger

    hmmm…I don’t think I would turn off comments… maybe go to the setting where you have to moderate everything…

    but it depends I suppose, I don’t have that many followers in the grand scheme of things and all the ones I have are lovely people. I think if people were just trolling me or making unkind nonconstructive remarks I might do. Although it is more likely I would block the person (if you can do that on WP…I have never had to)

    Your new glasses look awesome!!

    • PoojaG

      Yeah you can block people so I think I would probably just do that too! I love interacting with my followers too (who are luckily all super nice!) so I wouldn’t want to turn off my comments section!
      Thank you! 🤓😊

  • Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books

    I adore your glasses!

    I have not experienced trolls yet but I don’t think it would bother me. I leave my comments on because it is one of the things I love about blogging! I look forward to interacting with the blogging community every day. I can’t see myself ever turning off comments. If it got to the point where I felt that was necessary I would probably stop blogging all together.

    • PoojaG

      Thank you so much!! 🤓😊😊
      Yeah I absolutely agree! I think interaction is such an important part of blogging and if I couldn’t talk to my followers it’s just not worth it!

  • smilingdreamer

    They don’t shut off the comments section! It’s because they’re self-hosted, that they don’t have a comments section when you see their posts in the WordPress Reader. When you view their website, you’ll find the comments section! 😊😊

    • PoojaG

      Ooh that’s interesting! I didn’t know about that! Although I checked some people’s blogs on their website and it still didn’t have a comments section so maybe some websites don’t have a comments section?

    • PoojaG

      Hahaha lol I needed new glasses so it might be my vision too 😂😉
      Yeah I love the interaction too so I honestly could never shut off my comments section! For me the best part about blogging is talking to new people!

  • Opher

    I have a few trolls but they can be entertaining. It can be infuriating when they try and undermine what you say with pedantic rubbish but so what. I leave it there. People see through them. I don’t care. It’s only words.

    • PoojaG

      Yeah I understand how it can be annoying but like you said they are just words. I don’t get a lot of trolls but when I do I just ignore them because a response is what they’re looking for.

  • kristinagallo

    You look very cute with glasses. About topic, i moderate my comments. I can handle critics, but i can’t handle chat and spam and self promotion. I would never close my comment section cause my followers are my inspiration. They show me what i can do better and i learn from them.

    • PoojaG

      Thank you!! 😊
      Yeah I don’t like getting hate comments either so I usually just delete those. I don’t mind criticism as long as they do it well and they’re not just being jerks about it.
      Yeah I think your followers are what make your blog so you need their input! I love talking to my followers and I would hate not having their comments!

  • Covert Novelist

    I leave comments and appreciate receiving them. If they are negative I delete them and move on. Comments can only bother you when negative if the person’s opinion is valuable. If the person is unknown and testy miserable or ignorant, all the more reason to ignore. As for the glasses, I love them. You can carry them off very well. You look perky I thought. Your young and lovely and stylish.

    • PoojaG

      Yeah I do the same. They’re only words and they don’t mean anything to me compared to all the positivity my followers leave in the comments!
      Thank you so much!! I was kind of scared I wouldn’t be able to pull the off but I actually like how they look! 😊😊🤓🤓

      • Covert Novelist

        I love them. I think you look wonderful. You chose wisely, so I thought anyway. :):) When your young, you can wear almost anything and look fabulous. Well within reason, of course, but still. As you age (gracefully or not) you have to be a tad more careful lol. Not all goes well with the fight against gravity so enjoy every moment while your young. It’s over in a blink. Your such a positive delightful young woman, PoojaG. A pleasure to know.

        • PoojaG

          Thank you so much!! It’s so nice to know you too and to speak to you!
          Yeah I think when you get older you need to be a little more picky about what you wear but I guess it’ll actually be fun to pick out carefully what to wear! My face is on the chubby side so I actually have to be careful about what glasses I pick out! 😂

  • frankhubeny

    I don’t turn off comments nor do I moderate them in advance. I don’t mind negative comments. They are a test of my patience and ability to write a courteous response. I also respond to each one individually although sometimes it is just a “Thank you”. I also “like” each comment to make sure the one making the comment knows I read it and has an opportunity to comment again.

    Those new glasses look good on you.

    • PoojaG

      Yeah I don’t moderate my comments either and unless they are incredibly offensive I usually don’t delete them and just let them stay. Honestly they don’t really effect me that much because I get so much positivity it overshadows the negative comments.
      Thank you! 😊🤓

  • Run Wright

    I like feedback so I would never disable the comments on my blog but I understand why a person who posts controversial content might just want to share opinions and not give a voice to the opposition.

    • PoojaG

      Yeah I totally understand why people shut off their comments because sometimes it’s not even that they are opposing your views but from some of the stories I’ve heard people are just straight up abusive sometimes for no reason. One person who I follow who writes poetry was just getting hate for no reason!

  • Ξnigma

    It’s funny that I was just writing about how much I hate it when people visit and don’t comment.
    I love comments, harsh or otherwise, I just want as many as possible. It is one way of interacting with the fellow bloggers and probably learn a little along the way.

    So, you got a thick skin? I see. I will just fish for some harsh comments and check your skin’s durability. 😛 Up for the challenge? 😉

        • PoojaG

          Yeah I am one of those people who love learning especially when it comes to History so I hope it’ll be a good 6 years!

          Yeah I’m going to come to Kenya but this year I’m going to come back during Winter and then I’ll be coming during Summer because I feel like I’m going to miss my family like crazy so I want to see them over my Christmas break!

  • Vic Crain

    I love the glasses.

    I accept comments. I haven’t run into trolls so much as people trying to sell products, and those comments I also delete. Typically, they have nothing to do with the topic of the blog post, although some work really hard to try to fabricate a connection. (How do you connect healthcare with a pocket knife, really?)

    The other issue I’ve encountered is translation. I have writers in other languages, and it appears that either they or WordPress use robot translation (e.g., Google Translate) and the quality of the translation is somewhere between poor and awful. It’s very hard to tell what the writer was trying to say. I’d rather people write in their native language and then I can use my tools and resources to figure it out, rather than try to deal with gibberish.

    • PoojaG

      Thank you!!

      Yeah I have got a lot of spam too mostly trying to sell me Viagra 😳😳 which is annoying but I just ignore and delete those.

      Yeah I’ve had a few weird translations where I don’t really understand much of it. I’ve also had people write in their native language but it’s spam because it’s about something totally random that has nothing to do with anything I’ve written about.

  • exponentialepigram

    a person that has removed the comment section is likely unconfident with the ideas they pose, or they simply do not wish to be challenged. a number of Facebookers spring to mind. it is quite clear that people ‘feel’, and that these ‘feelings’ are ‘expressions’, and these ‘expressions’ are personal, but the true query I think is why does a person use the internet as a canvas for the personal and not seek criticism as a means to sharpen the emotional?
    understanding is gained through conflict. were we to just say whatever we wanted, and never have our ideas challenged, then we would never learn anything about what we were saying. I suppose not all of us are that way. perhaps there is a pervasive media conspiracy invested in ignorant generations. or perhaps people want to have their cake and eat it too.

    & the glasses – tres vous

    • PoojaG

      Well I think a lot of people don’t mind their ideas challenged but from what I’ve learnt they get personally attacked by commenters who leave abusive comments. I don’t think I would be bothered and I would probably just ignore them but I understand that some people are more sensitive and it can be hurtful.

      Thank you!! I feel like they define me 😊

  • Girl Enters

    Firs of all your glasses are really cute 😍❤️ and no, I would never do that, because people who write comments, are usually those, who read the whole blog and were interested enough to spend even more time writing a comment, which always makes me feel really happy that’s why I would never shut them, even if I’ll get a really bad comment, I don’t think I would delete it, it’s there for a reason, if people don’t like my blog, they are free to express their opinions, I’m here to write and not to stop them

  • crosscountrylifeblog

    No, I don’t think that I would. I do see why some people would, but like you said, I am going on 400 followers and I haven’t gotten a negative comment for the past 6 months (AKA ever) but I would focus on that. I have enough people that I enspire for me to not give up on the ability for the people that actually agree with my blog and love checking in. Even if my blog went ALL the way down I would still probably try.

    • PoojaG

      Yeah I absolutely agree! I get why the negativity could get to someone but for me the negativity is far overshadowed by all the amazing positivity I get from my followers! I love hearing what everyone has to say and of course criticism is welcomed as long as someone isn’t doing it to just be a jerk!

  • Fokkina

    Great question! Very much enjoyed reading answers to your question. I’ve not been blogging very long and have only had positive comments and likes. So your question has made me reflect on how I would handle negative comments. That’s been helpful.
    Wish you well.

    • PoojaG

      Thanks I’m so glad it made you think of a different side of the comments section! I’ve rarely got hate but that’s probably because I don’t really write about anything controversial or personal so I was really thinking about how I would react too. I have had a few negative comments but I just delete those.

    • PoojaG

      Yeah a lot of people are pretty sensitive about their work and some comments are just written to be purposely hateful so I totally understand when people turn off their comments section! Yeah I usually delete the abusive or racist comments but luckily I hardly get hate comments so that’s good!

  • me

    Yes, I have for certain posts … usually for personal ones where I’m not interested in engaging in conversation. Other than that, I do the moderation option and screen everything before it goes onto the post … that takes care of trolls 😉

    Btw … Love the glasses 🙂

  • charlypriest

    You look beautiful, very exotic.
    About the comments, some people might not want to spend their time commenting to others back, I have no clue what goes in other peoples mind. I do know my mind though, unfortunately, I could care less what people say in my comments. I actually care very little if nothing about what people say verbally to me in my day to day life. Unless they get me that I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and pissed I could care less. What is the point of caring about the “trolls”? I just don’t see the point. Waste of time.

  • dancingpalmtrees

    Yes. I shut off the comments many times. The racists and bigots are in full force and I finally got tired of dealing with them. Sadly there are some psycho and sociopaths out there. Same reason I dropped out of many Facebook Poetry/Writing Groups. Society no longer believes in manners or being polite. So Yes I will continue to turn off comments in the future.

    • PoojaG

      Yeah I completely understand that. Unfortunately there are some really horrible people out there who get a kick out of hurting others. I usually just delete racist or offensive/abusive comments but fortunately I don’t get a lot of those. I totally understand why that would get to you and make you turn off your comments.

      • dancingpalmtrees

        Deleting the comments alone may not work. Some of these flammers are Internet Stalkers. Meaning the following you from post to post. There are a lot of sociopaths and psychos out there. Overwhelming this seems to happen to Women more. Some Ladies have even considered deleting their sites completely. Not a whole lot that can be done but turning off comments helps.

        • PoojaG

          Wow that is so sad. People out there are really crazy. Yeah I guess if this person stalked you, you wouldn’t have much choice but to turn off your comments or even delete your site. That’s so sad to hear.

  • dancingpalmtrees

    I had to make the decision to Not Add Comments as many Bloggers especially female Bloggers have received Death Threats. Also these nuts can track you down through social media. Blogging is still worth it to me Without Comments. It is a way to express myself. Comments are neither here nor there. Anyway I value my Safety more than Comments. I can live without the comments. It is not worth the risk.

    • PoojaG

      Yeah I totally understand that. Some people are just psychotic online and get so obsessive and weird. It’s terrifying. I think as long as you don’t mind blogging without comments it’s totally okay! You should do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

  • Fictionophile

    Love the nerdy look!
    I would not turn off my comments section. The whole point of book blogging for me is to hear other people’s reaction to books and my book reviews.

  • dawnwairimu

    I haven’t had to close comments on any posts, so I’m not sure what would motivate one to do that. I know there is an option to close comments after a certain period – maybe people don’t want comments on old posts? I don’t really know. Nice glasses! 🙂

    • PoojaG

      Thank you!
      Well some people get trolls that are abusive so I guess that’s why they shut the comments section off and some people just want to post something that’s sensitive for them so they don’t want comments on it. I haven’t had anything bad enough to shut off my comments either so yay!

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