I Am Lost- Poetry

I am lost in the world of my thoughts

Thinking of anything and nothing

It’s a mess up there

And I don’t know how to sort it out


People say I am very quiet

They don’t understand the noise in my head

It’s a storm clashing with ships

It’s a hatching of an egg as the offspring peeps out


What is that voice?

That talks to me in the chaos

Where did it come from?

Had it always been there?


I cease to exist in the real world

I am lost

In the world

Of my thoughts

This poem is mainly about what it feels like to be a quiet person who is very loud inside their own head. In my opinion quiet people are always lost in their own thoughts because they never stop thinking. As an introvert who is mostly very quiet I am just constantly thinking and sometimes I even forget that I am around other people.

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