How To Feel At Peace With The Way You Look

Perfections And Imperfections

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Self-esteem and body image sometimes go together.
When we’re not happy with the way we look, we can lose confidence, and hide away from others. On the flip side, when we do feel happy about our appearance, we can act confidently and feel better within ourselves. This is something you might identify with.
Of course, your appearance shouldn’t define the way you feel about yourself. None of us are perfect, so you shouldn’t let any so-called imperfections get you down.
I know it can be a struggle to accept your imperfections and to love your body the way it is- it has definitely been a struggle for me. It does help a lot that there is so much more love for plus sized bodies but I still feel like we’re not quite there when it comes to loving all body types.
If you- like most of us- are struggling with what you look like at the moment, if you do need a boost in your self-confidence, and if you do want to feel at peace about the way you look, consider the following suggestions. 

#1: Don’t accept the media’s definition of beauty

Many of our insecurities come from the media’s definition of beauty. When we scroll through fashion magazines or browse websites that feature our favorite celebs and reality TV stars, we can start to feel less-than. We start to compare ourselves unfavorably to the way they look, with their super-slim bodies, expensive fashion tastes, and bright, white smiles. We focus on our flaws and lose confidence because we feel that we aren’t as attractive as they are.
But here’s the thing. If you ever feel like this, skip overthinking. Yes, the people you see on the page or screen might be attractive but doesn’t mean they are more beautiful than you. And besides, many images are photoshopped to eliminate signs of any flaws, so what you see might not be reality anyway. The celebs you adore also have make-up artists and fashion designers working for them, so of course they look good. The way they look without any enhancements might tell the real truth.
Instead of comparing yourself, create your own definition of beauty. Consider the aspects of your face and body that you enjoy, and embrace what is good about you. And look at the people you meet every day and consider those aspects that make them radiate beauty. It could be the way they smile at you or the way they rock an outfit that others might consider unfashionable. Beauty is multi-faceted, so don’t get hung up on the way the media portrays it. 

#2: Make changes where you need to

If making a change will make you feel at peace with yourself, then fine. If you think a brand new outfit from the store will give you the confidence you crave, buy it! If fixing your smile with cosmetic dentistry will improve the way you feel, then by all means, book that appointment with a dentist. And if your hairstyle doesn’t fit the way you want to think about yourself, go and see a stylist.
By doing something rather than nothing about your looks, you can make improvements where you feel they are needed. Again, you shouldn’t define yourself on the way you look, but if you know you will feel better about yourself after making a change here and there, then do what needs to be done.
I know that a lot of people will say love yourself as you are and I agree that you definitely should do that. However, in my opinion if something about your self really bothers you to an extent where you need to change it and can afford to do so I think you should go for it. Sometimes little changes like changing your makeup, hairstyle etc. can be a huge confidence booster. I know that I got a lot more confident after I learnt how to do makeup and wear my hair properly.

#3: Wear what you want to wear

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You don’t have to buy the outfits that are on-trend, as they might not suit your body or your tastes. And you don’t have to dress to impress your friends, as they should love you, no matter what you choose to wear. 
In all of your buying choices, buy those outfits that you know you will look good in. And focus on those pieces that are fitted to your body size. When you look good and feel good, you will feel more at peace with yourself, regardless of the opinion of others. 
A lot of times, companies try to sell the same style to everyone but everyone is unique. On the one hand what looks great on someone may not be for you and on the other hand what looks great on you may not look good on someone else. We all have our own unique style and we need to embrace them instead of embracing uniformity.
So, with all of your choices, learn to dress your truth. Embrace the styles and colors that are pleasing to you and choose those that match your personality. When you wear what you want to wear, you will discover a more confident you. 
And don’t feel pressured not to wear something because you feel like people will judge you for it. If someone is shallow enough to judge you by how you look or what you wear you really don’t want someone like that in your life anyway.

#4: Focus your attention on your best bits

For the bits of yourself that you’re not happy with, do what you can to change them if you want to. But instead of dwelling on them, focus on your best bits instead. Show gratitude for them, be positive, and remind yourself of your best features whenever you’re feeling down about your looks.
Then do what you can to draw attention to your favorite features. If you love your lips, learn how to apply lipstick properly, and choose those colors that will make your lips stand out. if you love your eyes, choose the eyeshadows that will complement your eye color. And if you love your cheeks, play around with a highlighter and a good contour to emphasize them even more.
It’s not easy to love every inch of your body but you can start by loving the small things about yourself that you do like and then move on to the parts of you that may not be your favourite. 
So, today, be happy with who you are, and stop comparing yourself to others. Dress the way you want to if it will make you feel good. You are beautiful, so remember that, and be kinder to yourself today.


What are some of the ways through which you love yourself and your body? How do you feel at peace with the way you look? As always let me know in the comments below because I would love to hear from you.

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