How Not To Market Your Blog

Recently I made a post on how to market your blog, however, I decided to do one on how not to market because there are a lot of mistakes that people make when attempting to market their blog. Here are things that you should avoid when marketing your blog:
Spam people- if you are constantly emailing, commenting or DMing people who are clearly not interested in working with your blog at the moment it will likely annoy them and will make it less likely they will work with you even in the future. Spamming people is the easiest way to get yourself blacklisted.
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Being too insistent- it’s a good idea to reach out to people however insisting that they work with you even when they are clearly not interested will not be helpful in any way. In fact it will do the opposite and will make them dislike you too much to ever work with you.
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Know how to take no for an answer- again reaching out is a great idea but if you are going to be immature, rude or extremely petty when you are rejected reaching out to people isn’t for you. When you reach out to people the majority of the time you will be rejected unless you have a very large or very popular blog. Rejection is a part of marketing and you should learn how to deal with it in a healthy way instead of taking it personally. If you are polite about the rejection they may actually store your contact and reach out at some point when they’re looking for bloggers to work with in the future.
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Buy fake followers/views- sponsors will almost instantly know if you are using fake followers/traffic and it’s very easy to lose sponsors this way. I have a full post on why buying followers/traffic is a bad idea so for more information click here.
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Don’t pressure others to help you- if you are rejected, or even if you weren’t, make sure you don’t pressure others to help you/work with you. It will not get the results you want and it will turn them off to the idea of you working together in the future. I’ve had people try to pressure me to work with them and all it did was guarantee that I never would.
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