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How I Was Motivated To Be Successful

I remember when I was younger… I had spent months convincing my family to let me build a website, and maintain several social media for our family business. It took months.Yet at the end of the day I succeeded in convincing them, and they paid me $50 a week to post on social media frequently, too maintain the site, and keep a healthy blog for their store going.

I made $50 a week, and eventually talked my way up to $70.

I spent–as I’ve said twice–months convincing them. I’d guess about 8-10 months. And just for $50 a week. When I finally succeeded I felt like a success, and when I got to $70 I felt even more successful.

Note: Please keep in mind I was only 13, or 14 at the time. Money seemed to be worth more.

I spent weeks perfecting the site, and I made consistent updates. I kept the blog healthy, and I got the Facebook page to 300+ follows, & likes. I guess you could say I was an amateur. Call me whatever you want, I don’t care. The fact is I put tons of time into something for a small amount of Cash.

Then my cousin (Let’s call him “John”) got a job from my Grandmother (who was the main reason I was able to get the site, and social pages up, and get paid for them) as a babysitter. I thought “Cool, OK”.

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