Devastation- Poetry

With words lapping like waves on the sand

I don’t understand the fire in my heart

It feels like a rows of buildings collapsing from the sky

Like a puzzle made by a child

And here I am standing in the mist of it all

Wondering where it all went wrong


This urge to grip my flesh

And pull it down in vain

To lessen the burden of pain

The shining stars turn to silver daggers

Close the curtains

I cannot bear it anymore


This feeling that budded so softly

In the pits of my womb

That turned into a mad, craving monster

Tearing me apart

Like the fireworks

That rip open the sky


I am going mad in this spiral of words

Whipping me back and forth

But please

Tell me what I did wrong

I’m a sunken ship in a battle of fleets

All I came for was a little bit of love

My heart has sunk into the depths of darkness

Enveloped by slimy, black hands

Strangled by black veins cherishing my love

I am devastated

This deep and thought provoking poem is about how as we grow up we sometimes begin to change for the worse without even realizing it. We conform to society, we let our individuality and creativity die, we forget who we are to be what everyone else wants us to be. But it destroys us on the inside, slowly drowning us in the depths of our own repression. By the time we realize this it can sometimes be too late and that is why we must consciously make a decision to be different, to stay unique, to make ourselves happy before we try to please others.

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