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    4 Ways To Beat Writers Block

    As a writer you Will encounter Writers Block. Anyone that says they haven’t is ultimately a liar. What Exactly Is Writers Block? Well writers block is when a Writer is Stuck. It’s when they can’t form the words in their heads, or come up with topics to write about. If your a freelancer it may just be the death of you… not literally of course, but it will be hard. Step 1: Great TV The best way (Read: Easiest) to get Creative Juices Flowing is by watching Great TV. What Defines “Great TV” is Shows with amazing in-Depth writing. For me the best show to defeat writers block with is…

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    As a blogger I’m sure you know that you can always improve. That’s what my Newsletter is for. Bloggers who want to improve. By signing up for my Newsletter Premium Blogging/Writing Tips & Advice will be delivered to your inbox. But it’s not just that simple. Every blogger with 50 followers posts Blogging, and writing tips. The difference is that these tips focus on things such as SEO, Keyword Acquisition, and Detailed Guides To Help You Grow Your Traffic And Build The Blog Of Your Dreams. You can sign up for my Newsletter by Clicking Here, and entering in your email address. You can also access old Newsletter content my Clicking…

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    Creating A Game Blog In 4 Steps

    The fact remains that most people play games, and most people want to make money doing so. But YouTube–the most common outlet–takes 40% of your earnings Not to mention the fact that hundreds of hours of streams are uploaded every minute. Your videos, your reviews, all that just gets washed down the drain. On a blog your lucky to get 4-5 views a day, on a YouTube channel your lucky to get 3 views a week. That’s where a gaming blog comes in handy. You control everything! You make more money, views are worth more, and your not getting lost in the ocean of Videos that is youtube! Click Here…

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