A Broken Bed, Vegan Ice Cream And A Photo Booth

I have had a very interesting day today to say the least… I thought I would share it with you guys since I wanted to start sharing more about what’s going on with me on this blog.

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So I wake up in the morning and my bed literally falls apart. Like literally I sit up and boom it falls. It does do that sometimes because it’s kind of broken but I had just woken up and I was super shocked and decided I needed to do something to fix it.

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So I spent like half the day tightening all the screws and duct taping everything together. It sounds not too difficult but it takes forever and is exhausting when you really do it.

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After I was done with that I was like you know what I deserve to have a fun afternoon and ended up going out with my sister. We passed this place called Rolly Polly Cow which used to be my favourite ice cream place before I went vegan. My sister and I were talking and I was like damn I wish they had vegan options I would so get some and just as I said it I read that they had just started a vegan menu! I was so super excited you have no idea how happy I was!

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Of course I had to try it and we ordered the one with the most chocolate because duh!

Doesn’t it look like the most delicious thing ever because it sure tasted like it!

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Next we went to the photo booth and took some pictures which came out pretty cute but not as cute as I had hope… but that was because of my face 😂

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It ended up being a better day then I expected to be honest and I’m glad we decided to go. I needed that!

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