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5 Things I Learnt This Year

Since 2019 is almost over I thought I could do a few posts for the next few days about 2019 and what I learnt, some of my favourites and more. Hope you enjoy them!

Stop saying it’s okay- One very important thing I learnt in 2019 is to stop saying ‘it’s okay’ when people say apologise. Saying it’s okay tells the person that their behaviour is okay and that you’ll forgive them even if they repeat it. Instead I’ve learnt to say ‘thanks for apologising’ or ‘I’m glad you apologised thanks for understanding how I feel’ or something along those lines.

Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely- I started out 2019 in a relationship that wasn’t working for me so I decided to stop dating till I knew what I wanted and was ready to be in another relationship. It really helped me get to know myself better and it also helped me realise what I want in a relationship. Let me know in the comments if you guys would like a more detailed post about my past relationships/why I decided to stay single this year/what I learnt from being self partnered this year.

Be yourself- I know it’s a cliche but be yourself because everyone else is already taken. I’ve always had a hard time being myself around others but now I’ve learnt to be okay with who I am and even though I’m not exactly as comfortable being myself yet as I wish I was I’m still pretty comfortable compared to last year.

It’s okay to be emotional-  emotions are often portrayed as something negative especially when it comes to women and particularly so when it comes to women of colour. A lot of people feel the need to suppress their emotions and I felt that too. But this year I’m learning to express myself better. Plus, becoming more spiritual has really helped me a lot- shout out to my mum for helping me find more spiritual ways to deal with my emotions!

Go for it- honestly live life like you have nothing to lose. Another thing that you hear a lot but is actually really good advice. I just go for it these days even if it makes me anxious or even if I end up failing. I would rather have tried and failed and gotten experience than have been too afraid to try something new.

Let me know in the comments below what you learnt in 2019!

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