How To Prioritize Your Mental Health In University

I asked on one of my posts last week what type of posts you guys wanted to read and quite a few said about mental health and some said about university so I decided to write a kind of two in one post!

University can be stressful and overwhelming for a lot of people and if you have mental health problems it can be that way even more so. Here are some ways to make sure your mental health doesn’t suffer while you’re in university.

  1. Take care of your body- make sure you’re sleeping on time, eating right and getting some exercise. It may seem like time consuming or a waste of time but these are actually really important to your mental health. Not eating well and a lack of sleep and exercise can really mess up your brain chemicals and make your mental health problems worse.
  2. Plan everything out- Make sure to plan everything out, for example, write all the due dates for your paper on a planner so that you know when something is due and aren’t caught off guard. This is a great way to decrease your stress levels and to be proactive and do your work in advance so that you’re not overwhelmed at the last minute.
  3. Meditation and relaxation- Taking some time to meditate and relax for at least a few minutes a day really helps to calm you down and decrease your stress levels. Remember to take some time to just do nothing and breathe a little- you deserve it!
  4. Seek help- If you feel overwhelmed or as though things aren’t going well or as planned please seek help from professionals. Most campuses have counselors and for some reason if you are unable to physically go to a professional there are online sites that offer online counselling with professional therapists.

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