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    Opher Goodwin

    If you haven’t heard of Opher Goodwin you need to check him out right now before I get into this post! Check out his blog here: https://opherworld.wordpress.com/ Check out his books here: https://opherworld.wordpress.com/books/ To purchase his books click here: https://opherworld.wordpress.com/purchase-my-books/ So I finally finished Ebola in the Garden of Eden and I have to say it was absolutely phenomenal! Unfortunately, I have had the book for ages but I hadn’t been able to finish it because university was suffocating me! Back to the book, it’s a futuristic book about The Synod which is a group of the most powerful politicians and science. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is into science, politics…

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    How Traveling Musicians Make Money

    By Stefan Being a successful musician today is one of the hardest things in show business. This industry can be ruthless, especially if you don’t have something unique and exciting to offer. Being a traveling musician can be even more complicated. These people are constantly on the road and this particular lifestyle doesn’t leave them much time for their own personal needs. For example, they can’t have a regular love life, so most of the time they have to meet people online and date via the Internet. But the biggest question of them all is – how are traveling musicians making money today? If you want to find out their…

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    Top 5 Books You Have To Read

    By Stefan Whether you’re looking for the latest editions or want to catch up on some old classics that are being resurrected thanks to television, you’re in good hands. In addition to getting your book suggestions off celebrity snapchats, we’d also like you to check out our list of books to read this autumn and not only be well-informed about the popular novels, but actually read some awesome books! Book #1: American Gods by Neil Gaiman In case you still haven’t read American Gods, you simply must do it this autumn. Not only is season 1 of a TV show of the same name based on Neil Gaiman’s novel out…

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    Best Countries For Musicians (GP)

    By Stefan Nowadays, a lot of talented and creative people are interested in becoming traveling musicians or buskers. Even though this type of life is incredibly interesting, it’s also very demanding. These artists have to be out on the streets all day if they want to earn some money. This basically means they don’t have a lot of time for their personal needs like dating or an active social life. This is why most of them have to meet people online and connect with them via the Internet. However, despite certain downsides, busking is still very popular all over the world. So, if you’re drawn to this particular lifestyle, check…

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    Tobias Funke Quotes To Make You Laugh!

    If you know Tobias Funke you know that he’s an interesting character to say the least and he certainly… has a way with words… I was rewatching Arrested Development for a bit and thought I would share some of my favourite Tobais quotes with you guys! Hope you guys enjoy these as much as I did!   For more quotes click here. If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment!

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    Midterm Break!

    So I finally have some time to relax since my tests are over and I get a week off university! Hoping to try out some stuff and have a bit of fun as well as blog a bit more! Also winter seems to be ending! Our weather is finally in positives and the snow is almost completely melted! It seems to have melted as fast as it was accumulated which is so fascinating! I also want to hang out with my friends for a bit! And do a bit of exploring! I also want to do some writing because I feel like I haven’t had any time to do any…

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    Life Updates!

    I know I haven’t been blogging much or keeping up to date with everyone else’s blog However, I thought I would update you with everything that’s going on right now (admittedly not a lot…) I have a bunch of assignments due soon (one tomorrow and 3 next week) and I have a midterm test next week for Sociology so I’ll mostly be revising this week which is very hard to do when it’s cold and snowing and all you want to do is curl up in bed and hibernate. I also tried out some vegan Indian food from Touch Of India this week which was really good! Touch of India…

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    Peter Griffin Quotes

    I love Family Guy and Peter Griffin is one of my favourite characters! He is absolutely hilarious. Hope you enjoyed these classic Peter Griffin quotes! For more quotes click here. For more inspirational posts click here. And if you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment!