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    2016/2017 Tag!

    I want to thank thepurplealmond for tagging me! I had never done tags before but thepurplealmond tagged me to two and I really enjoyed doing them both! Thank you so much and if you haven’t checked out thepurplealmond yet please do! RULES: 1. Mention Creator of tag Thank you to David for creating this tag! 2. Use the image in the article 3. Mention blogger(s) who have chosen you 4. Answer the questions 5. Tag 9 other bloggers & let them know Describe your 2016 in 3 words Interesting, heuristic, exciting Write the name of 2 people that have characterized your 2016. My parents- for supporting me when I wasn’t feeling my…

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    A-Z Tag- A Really Fun Tag!

    I want to thank thepurplealmond for nominating me for this amazing tag! Thepurplealmond is an amazing blog filled with incredible posts that I would highly recommend you check out! A- Artsy (I love anything to do with art!)  B- Berserk (I’ve always been a little crazy!) C- Creative (One of the few things I’m good at is being creative!) D- Dramatic (It’s true I can be a little dramatic! *faints dramatically with hand on forehead*)   E- Easygoing (I am pretty calm most of the time)  F- Fun (If your idea of fun is reading or binge watching TV shows about murder I am pretty fun!)  G- Graduate (I just graduated high school!)   H- History (I am obsessed…

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    One Lovely Blog Award! #2

    I really want to thank wavesofawesomeness for nominating me for this award! Thank you so much and I am so sorry it took me forever to do this! Wavesofawesomeness has an amazing blog so please do check it out because the blog has a bunch of different niches and I am sure you’re going to find a bunch of posts you love there! The rules for this award are: Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link. Post about the award 7 facts about yourself Nominate bloggers and notify them Give your readers good news. Facts About Myself: I am obsessed with makeup and anything to do with…

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    Random Post!

    A blogging friend of mine called Mukund Pathak at livingsoul2016 asked me to tell all the followers who follow both of us that he will not be blogging for a few months now because he has to take some time off to prepare for his exams. I hope everyone reading this will send him good vibes and lots of luck 🙂

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    Versatile Blogger Award!

    I really want to thank purpleorangesite for nominating me for this award! I know it took forever to do and I’m really sorry but I’ve been so busy applying for universities at the moment! purpleorangesite has an amazing blog that I would highly recommend you check out! Rules 1.You have to thank the person who nominated you for this award and provide a link to their blog. 2.link the nominees and inform them about their nomination. 3.Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice. 4.share 7 facts about yourself. So here we go for the seven facts about me…  I’m a Taurus  I’m right handed but I can write with my left…

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    My Role Models

    On my “Ideas” post I got a really awesome idea from The Wanderlust to write about my role model or idol but the truth is there are so many people who inspire me so I am going to write about a few of them in this post and why they inspire me. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr– The thing I admire most in them is that they were both pacifists and they were not afraid to stand up for what they believed in. They fought not for themselves but for equality for all. I’ve always had a pretty bad temper and I really let things get to me sometimes and even…